Teaching at Christ's College

Teaching at College

Although we have high expectations of our teachers, we also make a commitment to help them be at their best. We can guarantee a stimulating, interesting and collegial work environment.

The Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research promotes continuous improvement in teaching and learning through a dedicated professional learning programme, supporting and empowering our teaching staff to improve their practice through reflection and coaching, as well as providing access to external professional learning opportunities. Our membership of Round Square and the International Boys’ School Coalition provides opportunities for professional growth, networking, trips, teacher exchanges, conferences and courses all over the world. In addition, College has forged partnerships with schools in a number of countries and regularly hosts or takes students on sporting and cultural trips abroad.

Each year College invites inspirational and thought-provoking guests, all experts in their respective fields, to speak to our community – whether in a small workshop with a few staff, in the classroom, or at a public event in the Assembly Hall. knowledge and experience in the classroom. But at College we expect more. Every teacher is also assigned to one of our 10 Houses, to assist with pastoral care andmentor individuals or small groups of boys, helping themwith goal planning andmonitoring their progress.We also expect our teachers to get involved with co-curricular activites. It is all part of life at College and,we believe, enriches everyone’s experience. Our teachers are subject specialists, passionate about sharing their skills,


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