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of where we are in life – whether we are young, middle-aged, or getting old – if we are alive, we have opportunity. That opportunity will not be there forever. Time itself has its ways of consuming opportunity. Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, if we decide to pursue that opportunity, we should do so wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and with focus. What we focus on today will determine our tomorrow. Those who focus on why they can’t do something will never learn that they can. Those who focus on the obstacle will never find there is a way around it. Those who focus on changing the rules will never learn to play the game. Likewise, those who focus on doing what they know is right will never experience disliking themselves. Those who focus on winning will never be stopped by defeat; even if they lose a battle or two, they will almost certainly win the war. Our happiness, our success, and our future depend on what we spend our time thinking about and working on. When things are not going well in our lives, we would be wise to take a minute, step back, and analyze how we have been spending our time and what we are allowing our minds to focus on. We can get past almost any hardship or almost any challenge by focusing our minds on those things that will cause us to move ahead, to seek out the positives of the situation, to choose to be happy, to look on the bright side, and to be involved only in those activities that are conducive to success and moving ahead.

We at Melaleuca are focused on providing an opportunity for people to get ahead in life. It is our hope to free people from the limitations of not enough time and not enough money. We are grateful for those who have joined us in this endeavor. We encourage people to take charge of their lives and take action to turn their dreams into reality. That process always begins with taking charge of our lives and our minds and focusing on productive thoughts and activities. Our future really does depend on our focus! It is our hope that our Marketing Executives and our customers get everything that they want out of life. Therefore, we hope that you will be able to focus on those things that will bring you and your family great happiness and joy.

side of all situations are those who are not only the happiest, but also the most successful in all aspects of their lives. There are so many opportunities that are available to us with regard to how we spend our time and what we choose to focus on – yet, because time is limited, we cannot choose all opportunities at once. We can do only one thing at a time. Choosing one opportunity limits us from choosing others, so we must choose wisely. Those who choose to seek success, whether in business or any other aspect of their lives, would be well served to focus on the key factors that bring that success. For example, in a Melaleuca business, those key factors are clearly defined. They are called the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities. Focusing on those activities – particularly building a contact list, making phone calls, and presenting Overviews – has been shown time and again to yield success. In building a Melaleuca business, it is so easy to get distracted and caught up in so-called daily “personal activity” that does not include building a contact list, making approaches, or presenting Overviews. It is easy to get involved with other types of “personal activity” that are just a waste of time and energy. When we veer off course, we must discipline ourselves to get back on course. Setting appointments and presenting Overviews. That’s what counts. Whatever we focus on, on a day-to- day basis, ultimately consumes our time and therefore limits us from doing other things with that time. Regardless

Our Future Depends on Our Focus!


Where we end up in life depends largely on our focus. As mortal beings, we have many physical limitations: we cannot be everywhere at once, we cannot see everything from where we stand, we cannot do more than one thing at a time. We are limited by our health, our knowledge, our faith, our money (or lack of it), and our time. Yet we also have endless opportunities! There are so many wonderful paths that we can take, so many options and so many decisions – endless opportunities! Life is so precious! Time is so precious; it seems to fly by so quickly! In fact, time seems to be one of our greatest limitations. Although I believe that there will be a life after this life, I am quite certain that we will only pass through this life once. And since we can only do it once, it seems to me it is extremely important that we do it right, that we don’t make too many mistakes, and that we learn from those mistakes that we make. Therefore, it is important that we do not waste time and that we capitalize on the

thing at a time – in fact, many of us can only think of one thing at a time – our productivity, our personal growth, our happiness, and indeed our present well- being, as well as our future, depend on what our minds are focusing on at any given moment. It could easily be said that our future depends on our focus. We can choose to spend our time worrying, complaining, and wishing things were different. We can criticize, judge, or make excuses. Or we can choose to spend our time building, learning, creating, planning, and implementing. We have heard it said that a mind is a horrible thing to waste. Indeed, we can allow our minds to be totally wasted, depending on what we allow our minds to focus on. We cannot focus on productive things if we allow our minds to dwell on unproductive things. We have heard that our attitude will determine our altitude, and it has been my experience that those people who have control of their minds and direct their minds toward positive thinking and toward seeing the bright

opportunities that lie before us so that our life itself is not wasted. Since we are blessed to live in a free country, we can pretty much decide how to use our time – whether we waste it or whether we spend it productively. And since most of us can only do one “Because time is limited, we cannot choose all opportunities at once. Choosing one opportunity limits us from choosing others, so we must choose wisely. Those who choose to seek success, whether in business or any other aspect of their lives, would be well served to focus on the key factors that bring that success.”







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Thorsten Kilb General Manager

Let me start by thanking you all for spreading the message of wellness to everyone you know. I am happy to see that all of you are enhancing so many new lives every month. The growth that we are experiencing is amazing, and we look forward to seeing you achieve your goals and also experiencing that continued momentum this year. The reason your organisation and Melaleuca are growing can be summarised in a very simple way: it is due to your consistency. Your ability to do hard things, and push yourself to new limits. This Leadership in Action magazine also contains helpful articles that point out the importance of consistency. If we combine the consistency with the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities it will help you grow your business. In fact, one of our Seven Critical Business-Building Activity is always be involved in Fast Track. This is certainly an activity that if done consistently can drive the results that you’re looking for, and help you grow your residual income. This is why we are happy to have started our first European Fast Track in January 2020. At Melaleuca, we love Celebrating Success! In fact, we love it so much, it has been included as one of our Seven Critical Business-Building Activities. And as you know, one of our favourite ways to Celebrate Success is at our European conferences. There is nothing more rewarding than spending quality time together and celebrating your achievements. Due to the Coronavirus situation we decided to heed the counsel of the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and cancelled the March EU Conference in Warsaw, Poland. We regret this unfortunate situation, but feel strongly that your health and personal well-being supersede all other considerations. In place of our event we have released a Digital Launch which is posted on the website. One of the highlights was the newly launched Sei Bella Hair Care products. Ingredients are put into each formula with careful thought and with the sole objective of having a naturally-powered formula combined with the safest science that outperforms the competition. The new packaging is world class while also decreasing our environmental footprint, increased use of recycled and recyclable materials, and a new design that clearly communicates who we are. With these two completely new products we again let the nature do the work. Try these incredible new products and see for yourself what wellness inspired beauty looks like. On top of the new outstanding products, we launched the new online enrolment process on April 1st 2020. This new tool simplifies enroling and will make the enrolment process so much faster and more convenient. Did you already enrol a new customer that way? If not, just try it. You will be surprised how easy it is. I want to wish everyone a successful year. Keep our 2020 motto in mind: Grow Your Tomorrow Today! Do not procrastinate any call or contact because procrastination is the greatest enemy of success. If you want to do it, do it today! There is no reason to wait. Spread the Mission Statement and keep enhancing lives every day.


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Yours sincerely,








Agnieszka Dambska-Wardega United Kingdom

Melaleuca presents EUROPEAN

from the beginning on she had a strong Why and Goal. She wanted to spend more time with her family and at the same time have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever she wants. Agnieszka put all her heart and passion into building her Melaleuca business and achieved her first big goal in September 2019 when she gave up her full-time job and could focus on growing her Melaleuca business full-time. “I am a happy wife, mother, and grandmother. I have the flexibility to work my Melaleuca business while looking after my grandchildren when needed. I also feel a great sense of value when working with my team to help them reach their goals.” says Agnieszka and she is determined to stick to her plan of holding a Strategy Session with every new personal customer to set goals for their personal Melaleuca business and how to achieve them. Every week she has at least two Zoom calls with her team to analyze every single activity they did and to motivate them and at the same time to find the right products for every new customer. Seeing her team achieve their goals is Agnieszka’s biggest motivation to keep on building her business and introduce others to Melaleuca and the outstanding products that can change their life forever. “In Melaleuca systematic, consistent work and cooperation with your team is the key to success.” Agnieszka concludes.

ACHIEVEMENT LEADERS The European Achievement Leaders are those businesses with the highest contribution index. The contribution index is the product of the net increase in their Organisational Preferred Customers during the prior 60 days, multiplied by the number of each leader’s personally enrolled Directors, plus their number of personally enrolled customers. Membership of this elite group is reviewed bi-monthly. In order to be recognised as a member of this team, leaders must submit a picture to Melaleuca.

Agnieszka is a teacher by profession and worked in her job for over 22 years. She fulfilled her role of a teacher with a lot of joy and passion but at some moment in her life she had to make a life changing decision. She was facing the situation of either keep on living in Poland or moving with her husband and daughters to England. Agnieszka made the decision to move to England and live with her family. On July 1st 2017 Agnieszka was introduced to Melaleuca and the life-changing opportunity that comes with building a business with Melaleuca. At that time she worked in various jobs to support her family and was running a kindergarten 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. These times were very tough for her and her family so she gave it a try and started her own Melaleuca business. “It was a novelty for me then. I had never been involved in any marketing before. Starting my business was very difficult for me. But the more I learned, acted, and attended meetings, the more I understood and was confident that my decision was the right one. Besides, the products conquered my heart. I can’t imagine not having them at home and not using them. A lot has changed in my life since then.” Says Agnieszka and

Agnieszka Dambska Wardęga

Jagoda Nowaczyk Senior Director 6 United Kingdom

Izabela Zając Senior Director 3 United Kingdom

Senior Director 6 United Kingdom


Justyna & Jacek Kołodziej Senior Director 2 Netherlands

Magdalena Gwóźdź Senior Director 7 United Kingdom

Paulina Ryczko Director 9 Poland



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics



Jagoda Nowaczyk United Kingdom

Izabela Zając United Kingdom

and making dreams come true. “Once my life was monotonous—work and manage the house, and this was my life day after day—without major plans or any prospects,” Jogoda says. “This changed when I saw how much I could achieve simply by helping others.” According to Jagoda, the key to success is the Melaleuca Mission Statement, which is to help others achieve their goals, and the unique products that should be in every home. Jagoda loves to work with those who want to help themselves and are willing to work—without excuses! She conducts meetings with customers and focuses primarily on helping and working with them. She tries to help new customers to choose the best products depending on their needs and is also engaged in conversations with new potential customers, answering all of their questions at any time. “I am grateful every day for what I have already achieved and for giving myself a chance for a peaceful life. I know that Melaleuca is the right company for me and my family for the rest of our lives,” Jagoda concludes.

“My life changed when I believed in this company and saw the opportunities it gives to improve the quality of every life.” “Why am I successful? First of all, my why still pushes me forward. I am also very motivated by the people who work with me. I think, ‘If they succeed, I will succeed too!’” Izabela’s strategy is to talk to her customers and to establish what is important to them and what they want to achieve with Melaleuca. This leads to a discussion of the action plan. Her teammates also know that they can count on her—when asked, she is always ready to help. “Building a Melaleuca business is very simple,” Izabela says. “By using products that improve your health, you can help others, and in addition to that, you can develop and start making your dreams come true. Your life can get better as soon as you start helping others.”

Jagoda is a mother of two wonderful babies: Mia and Gabriel. She has lived abroad for eight years, where she did mostly physical work. She came across Melaleuca by accident—thanks to her mother, who showed her products and the benefits of being a customer. “At first, I didn’t believe in the business, but I decided to become a customer and test the products. I didn’t risk anything because of the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee,” says Jagoda. On July 16, 2017, she decided that her life needed a change. New Senior Director 6 Jogoda Nowaczyk claims that her why is very simple: “My children are giving me my daily motivation and strength to fight for a better tomorrow. I do it primarily for them—to make it easier for them to start their adult life. In addition, I am aware that thanks to Melaleuca, I have a chance for a happy and independent life.” The largest check Jogoda has received so far is over 4500 pounds. Thanks to the decision she made, she no longer has to work full time, and she has time for her family and her little children, who need her the most now. Now she works from home, achieving her goals

In the three years spent in her Melaleuca business, Izabela’s why has evolved. She is still very motivated to build primarily because her business allows her to work and raise her son simultaneously. “Thanks to this company, I don’t have to work like most people,” she says. “I can watch my son grow up.” Moreover, being part of Melaleuca gives Izabela a chance to develop on many levels. She immeasurably enjoys helping others achieve their goals. “I want to help others so that as many people as possible have a chance to get to know the opportunities that Melaleuca gives us every day,” new Senior Director 3 Izabela says. Melaleuca has already changed the lives of many people. This is no different for Izabela, who also achieves her goals systematically. “The company has made me a more open, confident, and optimistic person. Thanks to Melaleuca, I have more opportunities. I can make my many dreams come true, such as traveling,” says Izabela. Her previous life was different. Previous workplaces did not give her such freedom, and it was possible to forget when and how to do things. “I was limited in time and had no satisfaction in my work,” emphasizes Izabela.





Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics


Want to Build Your Business?

Example 1

Develop Directors.

“ At the Strategy Session , find a why that is about more than money because it takes heart to build this business. The why will keep their feet to the fire in tough times.” – Corporate Director 9 Ed Bestoso

If you were asked, “How do you build a Melaleuca business?” and you answered, “By enroling Preferred Customers,” you’d be right, yet there is more to the answer. You also must develop some Preferred Customers into Directors. Why? Because a healthy business needs strong, skilled leadership to grow. It can be a complex challenge. So here’s proven advice from successful Marketing Executives on how to go about it.

The Importance of Packs People buy what they try. I want them to try as many products up front as possible! The Home Conversion Pack and Value Pack give them a wide sampling of our products, and statistics show that our packs inspire new customers to be loyal customers. Why? If someone enrols with a 35 Product Point order, they may get five products and base their entire opinion about all our products on those five. And they may not fall in love with any of them! But if they try 30 to 40 products, the chances of loving many of them are much, much higher. Getting Off to a Fast Start A new Marketing Executive is excited about their decision to partner with you! That is why it is so important to start working with them immediately so they feel comfortable and confident about their decision. Buyer’s remorse is real, and you don’t want them to second-guess their decision or be exposed to others questioning their decision. Schedule their first Strategy Session immediately. In that session, you are developing the relationship and learning what’s important to them. You’re identifying their why , setting expectations, creating their contact list, and discussing ways to approach those on the list. Now they have a system and a plan of action, and it’s all about committing to the commitments, focusing, and executing. Our team switched to more than one Strategy Session because a person can only retain so much information. They start automatically saying yes to “Do you understand?” and no to “Any questions?” Jefferson’s Signature Blend of Truth and Tough Love • This goal, this milestone of building a business is worth fighting for, worth getting excited about, worth getting a little uncomfortable. • There’s going to be some adversity. This is a relationship business, and as you know, people can frustrate you. But isn’t that just how life is? • You’re going to have to reach out to share, and that’s okay. A huge number of people who took a new job last year weren’t searching for one. Somebody reached out to them. • You’re going to have to grow. You’re going to have to learn. Before you can teach others, you first must learn to do it yourself. • You’re going to make mistakes. But here’s the important thing to remember: mistakes are not written with Sharpie ® permanent markers. And even if they were, we have Sol-U-Mel ® , so it’s okay! The Heart of It All The quicker you teach your team to be successful, the quicker you will be successful. It takes time, so learn to have fun and enjoy the process. Here’s the easiest way to do that: fall in love with the why of each Marketing Executive on your team, and spend your days helping others reach their goals. I promise you, you will reach all of yours. Here’s what I’ve noticed in Marketing Executives who build businesses to last a lifetime: those who love what they do, choose to do it better.

they may not realise the urgency in placing their order and taking advantage of the $20 in free Loyalty Shopping Rewards. Walking them through the enrolment process is a little slower, but it helps your business build faster. Learn, do, teach. First you do it. Then you do it and your new builder observes. Then they do it and you observe. Then they do it. Slow down and role play some approach conversations; otherwise, you may be letting them walk into failure with the first people on their contact list. There’s nothing wonderful about spontaneity if you’re going to trip up and nothing wrong with practicing. It gives them confidence in their voice and in their manner. Another key to going slower and building faster is a grand opening . After all, other businesses have them, so our team takes the time to schedule them! It might be your first in-home, your first video conference Melaleuca Overview, or your first time to invite some folks out for coffee. Whatever it is, it’s an important event that signifies, “I’m doing something I’m excited about, I think it’s going to be big, and I want you to be a part of my grand opening!” Fifth, maintain a culture of personal development . It’s a truth of life that you attract and reproduce who you are. We help everyone grow so they attract stronger team members who will help them build a stronger, longterm business. Sixth, work to become great at promoting Melaleuca events ! It’s essential that new Marketing Executives see the big picture of the Melaleuca business option and what it involves. Launch is a wonderful example. I encourage massive urgency in getting all of your new Marketing Executives to motivate their teams to attend their nearest Launch.

Corporate Director 4 Jefferson Green

What Jefferson knows about developing Directors could fill a book, so here in his own words is the CliffsNotes ® version to help you build the team of a lifetime. There is a direct correlation between new Marketing Executives advancing their businesses to Director and teaching their team to do the same and the strength of a long-term, viable Melaleuca business. So our team focuses on a few key things in teaching and maintaining that process. First, keep the pipeline full. Constantly add names to your contact list because you’re always going to meet new people and be in new situations and environments. Second, qualify for every monthly enrolment incentive . Lead by example! Each one is a milestone and an opportunity to celebrate with your team. Third, convert your home with a product pack – not by shopping for Product Points. There’s a big difference. If you shop for Product Points, you only look for a few products to add up to those Product Points. But when you convert your home, you’ll replace all your old products. This helps tremendously with customer retention as well as your Product Point average because it builds belief when you’re talking with people about Melaleuca products. Fourth, go slow to build fast . A lot of times we may think, “I want to go fast, so I’m just going to go out and talk about our business opportunity!” While that makes sense, there are better ways! It’s extremely effective to build through sharing the shopping club and your personal shopping club experience. Give complete Melaleuca Overviews so everyone sees all sides of everything we offer. Take the time to walk your customers through the enrolment process – in person if possible. The point to remember is that confused people do nothing. Even if they succeed,




Develop Directors. Want to Build Your Business?

Example 2


“ The Packs increase product knowledge, create posture, and reinforce confidence in their decision to build. Remember this is a business of duplication, and it’s easier to recommend a pack when you have experienced one.” – Corporate Director 9 Ed Bestoso

And if you all love the products as much as I’m pretty sure you’re going to, then you’ve already got a couple people that might want to team up with you and get started.” So again, what we’re doing here is getting an enrolment under their belt quickly. We’ve found over the years that getting that first one or two enrolments builds their belief, and then it’s easier to get them moving. If we let too much time go by, even if they keep saying they want to do the business, they procrastinate, and then procrastination turns into complacency, and you just never get them going. The Value Pack Is Important MYRNA We really build our business face to face, including several in-homes a week, and we always have a Value Pack on display. Even when we’re meeting someone for a coffee, we always make sure we have the New Customer Savings Packs brochure with us. We always talk about the packs and their products during the Melaleuca Overview, so when we are closing the presentation and talking about the Value Pack, it’s not a surprise. MARK Then I’ll just say to them, “When you purchase a Value Pack, you get to try about 30 of Melaleuca’s most popular products and create your own great product experiences. And if you think about it, you are trying in one month the same amount of products it would take months to experience if you didn’t purchase the pack. My goal will be to help you earn more than enough money this month to pay for the Value Pack. So if we roll up our sleeves, it doesn’t really have to end up costing you anything.” The Art of the “Pre-Talk” MARK We teach our team how to ask probing questions of those attending a Melaleuca Overview before they begin the presentation so they have an idea of what is of most interest to their audience. We call it the pre-talk. If you’ve done a good job of showing prospective customers the specific products you know they will have a big interest in, you’ll find they can hardly wait to try them. They are ready to shop right away! You won’t be chasing them down a week later trying to complete their enrolment. MYRNA When team members are bringing guests to one of my in-homes, I ask them to text me their guests’ interests and needs so I can emphasize products that may help them. Enrolments Are More Than Sending a Link MYRNA When it comes to enroling a new customer by sending them a link, remember they are not actually enrolled until they place their order. You’ve got to slow down and help them through the process. Make sure you explain again about the Preferred Customer benefits and the Customised Backup Order because they may not remember everything from the Overview. Above all make sure enrolment is easy for them, and they are comfortable with it.

Also, there’s nothing like completing the enrolment at the Overview. When a potential customer is excited but leaves without enroling, it can be frustrating to follow up. Sometimes the enrolment never happens, but not because a person didn’t want to enrol – it’s just life.

A Strategic Approach to the First Strategy Session

Corporate Directors 3 Myrna & Mark Atha

MARK The first Strategy Session helps create urgency to get people to Director. We’ve found over the years that we can’t leave it hanging – we have to arrange it right away. It doesn’t work well to say, “Okay, we’ve got your order placed, so get your list started and then we’ll get back together in the near future for a Strategy Session.” People are busy, life gets in the way, a day turns into a week that turns into a month, and you still haven’t had the Strategy Session. So we tell new customers that there are two things we’d like them to do. We have them start their contact list (without considering who would or wouldn’t be interested), and listen to a little getting-started training we do every month for our team. It gives simple approaches and how to handle some of the common questions and objections folks may have. We schedule the Strategy Session only after they have completed these two requests. This little bit of homework helps us identify the ones who aren’t ready yet. MYRNA With those for whom the timing just isn’t right, we keep them in the communication loop with a calendar of team activities and events and make sure they are plugged in with access to everything team related. By keeping them exposed to information, they often seriously decide to build when they’re ready, and that is terrific! MARK We’ve learned that the Strategy Session really just needs to be, “How fast can we get you to Director.” Once we help them get to Director, their belief goes to the moon, and they’re mentally prepared to absorb more information and more training and make a bigger commitment. Too much information, too many training videos at once can overwhelm them. We want to just ease them down the path. Getting to Director is on-the-job training. MARK Customer acquisition is the most important thing for our business; however, if I enrol eight customers, I have eight customers. If I develop a Director, I also have eight customers, but now I have a leader too. MYRNA You know what? Enroling customers is awesome, and we do that all the time. But when you’ve got someone to work alongside and help, it truly is a really wonderful emotional feeling that is a lot like falling in love. You can hardly wait to see them; you can hardly wait to take their calls or set an appointment. Our business is so much about emotions.

Myrna and Mark develop Directors with a touch so subtle that their new business builders are only aware of feeling excited about their first enrolments and confident that they can do more. How do the Athas do it? Read on for mentoring best practices that maximize your results from the first four Critical Business-Building Activities.

Kick-Start Their Business Growth

MARK Director development is essential to success because you need to develop leadership to grow your business. We believe the key is getting new business builders off to a fast start by achieving Director. The very first thing we do is get them thinking of some names. Before we have them make their contact list, even before we’ve had their first Strategy Session, we ask, “Who do you want to talk to first about this?” Because if we can get them one or two enrolments right out of the gate in their first 24 to 48 hours – their mom, sister, best friend, someone close to them – then it’s just magical what it does for their belief. It makes them realise, “Hey, I can really do this!” They feel they can do more, so when we ask them to make their full contact list, now they tend to put everybody’s name down! Plus, when we sit down for a Strategy Session and map out how fast we can get them to Director, it doesn’t seem like it’s a big daunting goal because we’ve already helped them enrol one or two Preferred Customers. MYRNA When we talk about getting new team members moving quickly, the key word is “moving.” Sometimes builders stall a new team member from getting started because they’re in the trenches with them, saying, “Watch this, read that, write this down,” but they never actually get the new Marketing Executive moving and doing the activities that will give them confidence. MARK Sometimes a new Marketing Executive will hesitate because they want to try all the products first. They’ll say, “I can’t tell anybody about this if I don’t like the products.” We’ve found that the way to transition from this to getting them moving on the business is to respond, “Absolutely! There’s no way that you could confidently build a business if you weren’t sold on the products yourself. Who in your life is someone you trust, you do everything with, and would try the products with you so you have their feedback?




Develop Directors. Want to Build Your Business?

Example 3


“ A quick start becomes the story of success they will share through the years. Everything duplicates! People are attracted to someone who has actually succeeded, not someone who just says they are going to.” – Corporate Director 9 Ed Bestoso

Corporate Director 4 Erin Clark Erin doesn’t hesitate to adapt her leadership training based on the background of her Directors. Here she shares some alternative thought processes and methods that can make all the difference. Slow and Steady Is Great, but On Fire Is Faster! There is a great compound effect with creating results over time. It’s the core of building a business. Personally, I find that building speed and momentum makes it easier because I tend to like moving quickly with urgency and feeling the momentum building as I push ahead. It builds my confidence. When we get a Preferred Member launched, I take into consideration the building speed that might work best for them because I have found they are much more likely to keep going and be consistent and persistent in building their business when they find their preferred pace. On my own team, my Directors started off quickly with a little bit of ignorance on fire and just went with it! They took a deep breath and made a leap and didn’t even have time to second-guess themselves. That’s an important benefit of moving quickly – you don’t have time to come up with reasons to doubt yourself. You just follow the steps and do the activities, and confidence flows from that. Director is the first milestone, and the most important thing to remember is that it is very doable. Once a new Marketing Executive achieves Director, I say, “We’re going to do that again, all right? And as we do it again, along the way we’re going to find others who want to achieve it themselves, and we’ll teach them too!” It becomes less daunting when they think of it as a “wash, rinse, repeat” process. We should be thinking, “Who is the next person I can instill with belief so they can do this too?” Since I have personally overcomplicated this in the past, now I just focus on the fact that Director is doable for anyone, it is a milestone that should be celebrated, and it’s their first initial hunk of income. Directors

you want to convert your home to Melaleuca, you’re going to save money right off the bat with the Value Pack. Not only that, you’re going to see so much more value from Melaleuca because the pack ‘walks you down multiple aisles’ of our product store. And what I know is you will be a lot happier with Melaleuca if you experience the entire pack and may not be as happy with Melaleuca if you just order six or seven products. But most of all, I know you’re going to love Melaleuca. Customers fall head over heels in love with it!” Enrolment Requires a Process and Your Presence As the enrolment process is facilitated, the fast-and-easy element can override the heart of it, which is one-on-one involvement when a Preferred Customer enrols. Personalising the enrolment process can lose priority, especially when you have a fast-moving organisation. Just sending a link seems sufficient. It isn’t and here’s why. As leaders, we are aware that what we do duplicates in our team. The way I onboard new Preferred Customers is likely the way my team is going to do it. I make it a priority to be present and available throughout the enrolment process because when the new customer has a question (and they always have a question), I can answer it and they can continue the process. Otherwise they stop, and then it’s time for them to pick up their kids. Or they talk to their spouse who really likes Tide ® and doesn’t believe in cleaner, greener “stuff.” All of a sudden, they have objections they didn’t have before. They get cold feet or feel embarrassed because now they feel unsure, and it becomes difficult to reconnect with them. So even if you’re just texting them through the enrolment process because you’re stuck in a meeting (a worst-case scenario if ever there was one), you must be present and ready to help whether you’re sitting beside them, on speaker, or on-screen. Otherwise it can all grind to a slow halt, you’ll be frustrated, they’ve missed their

moment, and nothing turns out the wonderful way you wanted it to. Ready, Set, Strategy Session! Sometimes, part of my future Strategy Session with a new customer happens in the six months prior to their enrolment as a new customer! That is because I’m fostering that relationship and we’ve talked about their goals and they’re sharing their dreams, which is why I will be able to confidently approach them about Melaleuca. And it’s also why the Strategy Session will be the most natural thing in the world. If someone wants to build for big, fast profit, I may tap the brakes just a little. Why? Because if they don’t know Melaleuca or our products and their income varies one day, I may lose them and lose all their customers because they didn’t educate and help those customers as they should have done. It is important to factor in a chance to explore the wonders of the Value Pack, develop their own product stories, and build some solid belief. So I say to them, “I can help you make the extra income you are looking for. But what I will tell you is that you will do better if you fall in love with the products first. This is not about a business – it’s about the products. It’s about those products helping others. It’s about the amazing laundry detergent and the fantastic Tooth Polish. The best builders are customers of the products who are excited to share what they love.”

Come from Diverse Business

Backgrounds, so Erin Adapts Director Development Accordingly

If a new Preferred Customer wants to build a business, wonderful! We’re going to rock it with them. But if they are a little skeptical, unsure, or have abbackground in the MLM industry and don’t know why Melaleuca is different, I actually do the opposite. I start them as a customer and don’t talk to them much about the business. I make it very clear that my Melaleuca business is what I do and I love it, but I get them started by experiencing the products first, and I try really, really hard to help them become the best-educated customer there ever was. After about three months of falling in love with the products, it’s easier for them to understand the mission, policies, and principles of Melaleuca and understand why and how we are unique. That brief investment of time gives them a foundation of belief and confidence. It flips them to be really amazing customers who are just really excited to share what they love. Once they’re ready to roll, we do their first Strategy Session immediately and off we go. There’s More Than One Way to Promote the Value Pack I totally understand the value of buying our Value Pack. But in the MLM industry, selling packs is all they do. They shove packs down your throat. So I use and teach an approach shared with us by Senior Vice President of Sales Darrin Johnson that helps these new builders feel safe to say yes to the pack. We explain why it’s not mandatory so they will realise we are not trying to push them, only to educate them. Then I will say something like, “You are totally free to say no , but I’m here to tell you that if you decide




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How do you qualify for President’s Club?

President’s Club Minimum Qualifications

Qualifying Positions Marketing Executives who advance to Corporate Director status for the first time AND any Corporate Director who advances to a new high status within the Corporate Director ranks in the qualification period will automatically qualify.

4. All qualifying Marketing Executives are required to have a minimum Commission Rate of Executive Director or above in OR during the last day of qualification (December 31, 2020). 5. All qualifying Marketing Executives must achieve a status of Senior Director 6. Each Marketing Executive’s qualifying activity will be based on the country of registration, and they must be in compliance with all Melaleuca policies during the qualification period. 7. Melaleuca reserves the right to change the President’s Club rules and qualifications as necessary. or above by the end of the first month of the qualification period (January 31, 2020).

1. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop a minimum of two new in-country Personally Enrolled Directors by October 31, 2020, who have been enrolled and achieved the status of Director for the first time during the qualification time period. a. The qualifying Marketing Executive must personally enroll the new Director. b. Inherited personals will not count toward this qualification. c. These qualifying Directors must maintain their status for three months in the qualification period (not necessarily the first three months). 2. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop at least one in-country first-time personally enrolled Director 3 during the qualification period. 3. All qualifying Marketing Executives must have a minimum of +1 True Growth (enrolments + reactivations – cancellations) of in-country Preferred Members during the qualification time period (excludes roll-ups and moves).



Qualification Period: January 1, 2020–December 31, 2020 For more details visit: eu.melaleuca.com




I may use the video chat. When they are looking at me washing dishes and hearing the kids, they know I’m a real person. I don’t want to be even slightly associated with spammy cold messaging. The other big way that I keep social media personal in a high-tech world is by doing 9:00 a.m. working video conference calls with my team. Most of the members of my team are all over the country, and there are some I may never see in person. They may live thousands of miles away, but I know them and their children. We see each others’ children, sometimes one sleeping in our arms, and I know their personal lives because I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen with the camera on. I consider it part of my job to teach and empower my team to use social media in a personal way, even if they feel a little shy about it at first. I tell the hesitant ones, “If you learn to do it on social media, it will be a lot easier in person!”

National Director Kim Bertolucci Social media is my strong suit – the primary way that I build my business. There are billions of people on

Facebook, and to me, that’s just one big, gigantic contact list! We only have 7 000 residents in my small town. Why would I not use a platform like Facebook that gives me the ability to connect with so many people? The goal when using social media is to make people like you, let people love you, let people know you, and let people trust you. You want to let them get to know your authentic self. The way I do it is by using Facebook to show what my life looks like . I tell my team, “You want people to get a glimpse into your life. Pick five things that you love, that kind of define you, and talk about them on social media.” You want them to see your life, hear your voice, and see your face. People want to get to know you and what you’re doing! That way when an opportunity occurs to share with them about Melaleuca, they already know you and have a relationship with you.

Corporate Director 2 Heidi Bartolotta Social media is just another means of interacting with people. The same way you would naturally engage with others in person holds true in engaging with them on social media. If you wouldn’t walk up to a group of

When I make an approach about Melaleuca, it is 100% by voice

people and say something, then don’t say it on social media. Never use social media to make a sales pitch. If you were meeting with others in person to engage and interact, you’d listen to the conversation before joining in. With social media it’s the same, except you’re reading instead of listening. If you abide by in-person-appropriate social

memo. I want them to hear my voice and the voices of my kids in the background. When I follow up after a Melaleuca Overview or with Preferred Customers,

In a Digital Age KeepingIt Re l

behaviors, you’ll be appropriate on social media as well. It should serve as a conversation starter that evolves into an in-person connection if they live near enough.

The irony of social media is that sometimes it isn’t very social. Text messaging and words-only posts can leave people uncertain as to what you really mean and, more importantly, who you really are and what you’re really like. Research has found that 93% communication isn’t words. 1,2 It’s your voice – with all its variety of tones and emotion – combined with your facial expressions and body language. When someone can’t see your face or hear your voice, they are substantially hampered in making a connection with you. Read on to learn how three Marketing Executives create relationships that become true friendships by making a global communication system seem as up close and personal as a one-on-one conversation over coffee!




The way I engage is very conversational. I tell my team, “If someone feels like a number, then you’re doing it wrong.” It should feel like a true personal interaction with no iffyness or discomfort to it. If you are truly having a conversation and they don’t feel like someone you’re trying to sell to, then you’re doing the right thing. I never post about Melaleuca or specific products. Instead I post pictures of my kids, my family, activities with friends – just life in general. When someone posts something that indicates I could serve them well with a product or the business, I send a private voice message. Voice is so much more impactful in expressing concern or excitement in your tone. You communicate so many more things than just by typing, and there’s a connection made that simply doesn’t happen in a typed sentence. If you type it, they may take it the wrong way. Things are just better when you have a live conversation. Ultimately, when I connect with someone and we’re building a relationship, I prefer to meet with them. If they live too far away, we’ll do a video conference call. I have more and more friends using Instagram, so I find myself interacting on it more than in the past. I’ll post a story on goals, for instance, and when they comment, it starts a private message conversation that doesn’t show up on your feed. Recently I posted a picture of my daughter, and someone I hadn’t engaged with for a while posted how grown up she is now. Just like that, we reconnected!

Senior Director 9 Brayan Garcia

Social media is a great way to create influence. It’s like social currency: the more liked and loved you are on



social media, the more influence you have. This influence earns you the attention of others and also empowers you to make others more influential by liking their posts in return. I use it to create a lifestyle and show others how much I love what I do. I also use it to connect with them and create a story they can follow and be inspired by. It’s so cool when you’re out for dinner and someone walks up to you and says, “Hey, we are friends on Facebook!” It truly feels like the personal connection is already there. I also use social media as a follow-up tool for my business. You see, I like and comment on the posts of my future Directors! When you interact with someone’s post, it makes them feel good because you just added value to their social life. Once I connect with people through social media, my next goal is to interact with them in person if they are local. During a coffee chat, we end up speaking about Melaleuca. Since we are “Facebook friends,” it is more likely they’ll be receptive to the information.






INTRODUCING NEW salon-quality hair care.

1 Albert Mehrabian, Silent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes (Wadsworth, 1990). 2 Blake Eastman, “How Much of Communication Is Really Nonverbal,” www.nonverbalgroup.com, accessed November 2019.



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