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GPR leaves Harper behind for the new Trudeau era

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!e big media pundits are already declar- ing Justin Trudeau as the next phase of a political dynasty as he enjoys the same kind of acclaimhis late father, Pierre Eliott Trudeau did, winning his election chal- lenge for the prime minister’s job lead- ing his party in a comeback to topple the Harper Conservatives from their decade- long occupation. In Glengarry-Prescott- Russell, Liberal candidate Francis Drouin also enjoyed reclaiming the riding for his party, ousting incumbent ConservativeMP Pierre Lemieux. !e longest federal election campaign in Canadian history "nished 78 days after it began with the Liberals returned to power with a 184-seat majority while the NDP, once the O#cial Opposition, were relegated the back benches of Parliament again behind the Tories, after both parties lost many of their seats in the Grits’ victory march. For Drouin himself, he slipped into the win- ner’s spotlight with a 53 per cent share of the GPR popular vote compared to 36 per cent Lemieux. “I haven’t had time to look at the results,” were Drouin’s "rst comment about the elec- tion tally to a cheering crowd of supporters at the GPR Liberal gathering at the G.A.B.’s Bis- tro in Rockland on Election Night Monday. “But I knowwe worked hard.!e campaign was long and people had plenty of time to realize that Trudeau’s Liberals had a good plan and that our (election) campaign was a positive one. People really wanted real change. For Lemieux, theMonday night loss at the polls hit hard as theMP incumbent was hop- ing to achieve a fourth term representing the riding on!e Hill.!ere was a sombre air in the RiverRock Inn ballroomwhere Lemieux, his family, and his supporters were gathered. While the rest of the country was making the "nal decision on a new prime minis- ter and government for Canada, Russell Township council members got their "rst look at next year’s possible budget for the municipality. Both mayor and council had already done their national civic duty earlier in the day Oct. 19 when they sat down in council chambers to receive the preliminary budget report for approval in principal during the regular council session.!ey begin their "rst in-depth line-by-line of the budget report during a two-day public working session this week at themunicipal o#ce Oct. 21 and 22. !e draft report projects a total budget for the township next year of $23,110,907 including a projected municipal levy for property taxes of $10,208,787. At present, the proposed 2016 budget "gure includes about $15.5million for day-to-day operation costs and an estimated $1.5 million capital works program.!e remaining sumconsists of projected water and sewer operation costs which is paid through local user fees and not GREGG CHAMBERLAIN

“I amdisappointed,” Lemieux said. “I’ve worked very hard during the past nine years, and I believe I have well-served the residents of our riding. But it was a Liberal tidal wave. !ey won and that is how the political game goes.” !e outgoingMP said he will cherish his time in o#ce, representing the riding, as much as he treasures his years of military service for the country. He expressed grati- tude for the support he received during his nine years in o#ce and also during the past weeks of his campaign. “We had good support, but it just wasn’t enough this time,” he said. “I think, for the most part, people were happy withmy work as their MP and what I did for the riding.” Both the NDP candidate Normand Laurin and the Green Party nominee Geneviève Malouin-Diraddo both fell far behind in the polls like their parties did in the overall vote. Laurin observed, during an interview, that many people who supported him in their hearts told him that they were going to vote Liberal as a strategic move rather than NDP because they feared otherwise the Conservatives would end up winning reelection again. “I can understand that,” he said, “in the end, people really did want a change. For my part I will continue to work hard to serve my community.” Green Party leader ElizabethMay won re- election in her riding.!e party’s candidate in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell takes some comfort from the fact that she managed a bit more voter support at the polls than her predecessor did back in 2011. “People were afraid of splitting the vote,” she said. “I amgoing to take this experience to heart and I would love to come back again as the Green candidate in the next election.” the municipal levy. Currently, the draft 2016 budget report projects a 1.5 per cent increase in the amount of taxes the municipality needs to collect to meet both operating and capital works costs for next year.!e draft report also pro- jects a 0.95 per cent increase in water and sewer rates to cover the increased cost of the township’s connection as a pod of the City of Ottawa’s water distribution system. Results of this week’s two-day working review of the budget, including council members’ suggestions or demands to admi- nistration sta$ for additions to, deletions from or modi"cations of the report list of programs, services, and projects will become part of the second draft of the 2016 budget which goes before council for review and possible approval in either November or December. !e goal is to have the 2016 budget appro- ved before the end of this year to allow the township an early start next year on issuing tender calls for capital works projects and so take advantage of potential savings in bids from contractors scrambling to make sure they have some projects con"rmed for the start of construction season in 2016.

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Budget time for Russell Township


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