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February 2017

5 Dangers Of Bad Posture Discover The When was the last time you looked in the mirror or saw a photo of your posture? If you suffer from frequent aches and pains, your posture may be to blame. In today’s society, we spend an increasing amount of time sitting looking at the TV, computer screen, and looking down at our phones. If you fit into this category, then changes in your posture can have numerous negative effects on your body. “ Posture requires the interaction between bones, muscles, connective tissue, joints and neurons. In addition to contributing to overall wellness, posture is a form of communication that reveals a person’s degree of confidence and self-esteem. Poor posture is a contributing factor to many symptoms and diseases.”

5 Dangers Of Bad Posture Discover The

Wondering About Your Ache or Pain? ASK YOUR QUESTION! 5. Walking – Your center of gravity changes with bad posture, causing your balance to decline. In addition, weakness to the hip muscles with prolonged sitting causes problems with walking. All these changes can have a serious impact on your mobility and ability to walk safely . What happens to your body with bad posture? 1. Forward head posture – This creates strain on the neck, shortening the muscles in the back of the neck. Neck pain, radiating pain to the shoulders or arms, chronic headaches, and even low back pain can result. 2. Mid-back slouching – This can change the shape of your ribs and drive your head forward over time. The result can be pain in the mid-back and problems with your neck. Eventually, compression of your lungs, heart, and digestive system can occur, causing internal problems. 3. Low back - Low back pain is very common with poor posture. The back muscles have to contract excessively to keep you upright, causing you pain. Bad posture also causes abnormal wear and tear on the low back, increasing the risk of arthritis in the spine. 4. Hips and legs – With sitting for prolonged periods, the hip joints lose range of motion and the muscles in the front of the hips stiffen. These tightened muscles then pull on the low back, causing low back pain.

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An Easy At-Home Exercise To Zap Back Pain

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PRONE ALTERNATE ARM AND LEG While lying face down and keeping your lower abdominals tight, slowly raise up an arm and opposite leg. Slowly lower and then raise the opposite side. Do not allow your spine to move the entire time. 6 repetitions on each side.

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