Counties plots survey on federal job loss

employees living in the Prescott-Russell region to take part. “Wehopethatresidentswillbereceptive and respond in large numbers,” stated FrançoisSt-Amour,UCPRwarden,inanews release,“sincethesurveyresultswillcharta clearpictureofthesituationwhileenabling us to act accordingly to ensure sustainable growth for the region.” The survey will be setup to provide anonymity to participants. The goal is to gather data for statistical analysis to determine the potential economic, social, and community impacts of the federal job transfer on Prescott andRussell counties. Survey questions will deal with matters like commuting patterns for workers, including travel methods and times, and factorsthatinfluencedtheirpastdecisionto maketheirhomesinPrescott-Russellrather thanelsewhere.


L'ORIGNAL | The federal government planstotransferthousandsofitscivilian staff in the defence department and RCMP toOttawa’sWest End as part of a combined cost-cutting and operations centralizationproject. TheUnitedCountiesofPrescott-Russell council (UCPR) wants to know how Ottawa’s budgeting plans will affect the economiesofitsownmembermunicipalities whicharethe“bedroomcommunity”homes for many of those workers right now. CouncilhasaskedUCPRadministration toprepareanimpactstudyonthesituation. Staffarepreparingaphoneandon-linesurvey aspartofthestudyandinvitecurrentfederal Last week was fairly quiet for area fire departments, with a few calls on the weekend. Casselman Fire Department reported three calls Friday night: a false alarm, a minor shed fire, and an outdoor bush fire thatwentoutofcontrol.Locatedinarural area,ittookfirefighterslongertogetto,but

Quiet week for fire departments

Fire Chief Mario Villeneuve said it was successfullyextinguishedwithinacouple ofhours. The Russell Fire Department reported onlyoneminorcall.Theydidtheirdoorto door visits last week checking for smoke alarms.

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