Trout Brook Landscaping December 2019

DEC 2019


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What Is the Meaning of Thanksgiving? Connecting with friends and family ... expressing gratefulness ... giving back ... This year, we won “Best Landscaper of West Hartford 2019,” We Woodcutters Weekend. I brought my best crew and my best equipment, and for two days, we felled dead trees

and trimmed over the power lines with our 75-foot bucket truck. We do this work to save the camp money, make it safe for kids, and allow space for new cabin construction. Along with other volunteers, we live out the YMCA values of caring, responsibility, respect, and honesty that I learned at camp. The trees are what gives the camp a nostalgic mystique: providing shade, smells, windbreak, and wonders of the forest life. It felt fitting to return as an adult who still loves the trees. Camp Jewell is near and dear to my heart, and I wanted to set a new standard by giving them our highest value service on a volunteer weekend. I got to spend time with people who were close friends of mine at camp, and it was invigorating to be moving outside together working. When the days get colder and darker, we have to find ways to keep positive. Expressing gratefulness through volunteering and hard work — and doing those things with friends — all

appreciate you all voting for us, and we want to turn around and honor the community where we live, work, and play. It was a fun surprise to attend the banquet and find out we’d won, and I believe in giving back in ways that say thanks to the places that supported me and my personal development. As a lifelong resident who enjoys the town parks near my home, I want to support efforts to preserve and protect those treasured parks. We are donating trees for Friends of Fernridge Park’s long-term park beautification project. The donation is also being matched by Sustainable CT. A couple dozen or more trees are being planted beside a new “promenade” walkway that was paved from the tennis courts to the pool in the interest of recreating a “golden age” canopy look for the park that will last for generations. You can contribute a matched donation to the Fernridge Park project at This November, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Camp Jewell again for

go hand in hand to make us feel better in our minds, bodies, and souls. This winter is a good time to get away and see family in their homes. I’ll be making an effort to spend more time with family, especially the ones who I don’t see on the holiday itself. This means a fun bit of traveling to New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York

(from where I can still run home in time for snowstorms!)

–Andrew Bachman


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