CCI Newsletter 2 - 2021-2022

Parking and speed on the property

Away during the winter?

During the winter months there may be some limitations to parking on the property. Boards will confer with their snow removal contractors as to where on the property to pile snow and residents should be cautioned about parking on or in front of the snow banks. It is also important to address any rules about Visitor Parking spaces. All residents can be forewarned to reduce speed and to ensure visitors to the unit do the same. Residents should also provide visitors with parking instructions in advance of their visit as owners are responsible for their visitors ’ compliance to the rules. Icicles There is no getting rid of icicles that create hazards of falling ice. How residents should proceed with reporting and removal of icicles should be shared. Remind residents of issues that you are familiar with during the winter, especially during freeze/thaw cycles and how they can protect their property and persons in the units. Suggestions might include:  covers on A/C units and items stored outside the unit to keep them from being damaged by falling icicles  icicles will melt and cause slippery ice patches below so caution is needed when entering and exiting  prevent falls - de - ice frequently and sweep away pools of water that are likely to ice over  where needed parking away from a roof edge where icicles develop is recommended During a snow storm We don ’ t like to be out in a storm, so caution should always be used and especially on the properties as folks are still out walking their pets or getting some exercise. Residents should take every precaution possible when walking or driving. It would be very helpful for those out walking a dog to use reflective gear for high visibility. Your safety and that of others is of paramount importance.

During these very uncertain times, many are staying put. Some will be facing winter for the first time in a long time. Everyone can be reminded of some important notes just in case the plan is to be away:  turning off the unit water so that damage as a result of a failed hot water tank, toilet seal or break in the water line is minimized  provide management with “ emergency contact ” information before leaving.  leave a key on the property with a friend/neighbour for any emergency access.  review your insurance policy for qualifiers in the event of a claim. While you may find the winter season challenging on some levels, we hope you all have a very safe and smooth one.

- TK

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