CCI Newsletter 2 - 2021-2022

A Water Heater Casualty By: Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hon ’ s)

A sixth sense (or whatever you may call it) can be helpful. Something didn ’ t sound right, even in my dream, in the very early hours of a beautiful morning. Sadly, some events just don ’ t happen on a day when you have nothing specific planned. So whatever they call that “ sixth sense ”, it ’ s a good thing to have in such a situation. Perhaps it was d ej a vu, as the sound was vaguely familiar (from years gone by). The water heater was running non - stop and called for a basement inspection. It is somehow comforting to be right. Water was spewing out of the bottom of the water heater. I ’ ve learned the process over many years (in fact, I ’ ve written about it during my days as a manager). I heard the words twirling in my head: “ TURN THE WATER OFF! ” Anyone who has had any water event will understand that expletives can help especially if you haven ’ t had your normal quiet cup of coffee yet. It ’ s a must to remain calm. I have a tendency to notice anything that would or could make an operation so much easier when dealing with a crisis. For instance, no basement is designed the way it should be, where all water follows in a narrow path directly to the drain, perhaps with a little help. So guiding the water toward the drain was essentially all that

could be done to mitigate the damage until help arrived. Yes, it ’ s a mundane action. Of course, we would all imagine that such a crisis in our own mind would conjure up the appropriate professionals tout de suite after we made the calls for assistance and one would assume they would be equally bothered by the predicament. It was more than likely a normal day in their world, so every call was oddly calming. The process had already begun.  Turn the water off √  Call the water heater company √  Call the insurance provider (who indicated they would be in touch with the condominium manager for the appropriate insurance documents of the corporation). They will provide a listing of approved restoration companies they partner with √  Email the condominiummanager with a heads up that the insurance company would be in touch √  Continue to guide the water toward the drain to mitigate further spread (that ’ s my own process) √ The water heater company does not carry around replacements so time is taken after they scope the issue and return with a new one. Getting the old heather out and the

Trish Kaplan , CCI ( Hon’s ) is the current part - time Administrator for CCI - London and Area Chapter, having served in the position from April 2003 to September 2010. She received the CCI Distinguished Service Award from CCI National in November 2006. Trish was also a Director on the CCI Board from 2010 - 2015 when she was subsequently returned to

the position of Administrator.

Trish is a condominium owner, served on the Board of Directors of the condominium she resides in for a time and a retired condominium manager. Her experience in the different areas of condominium continues to be a benefit to the chapter and its members.

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