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From Being a Father to Becoming a Dad

Christopher Reflects on Father’s Day

Years ago in my parish, we helped manage a grade school of about 500 kids. I was used to being called “Father,” and the kids were used to calling me that too. One day, while I was with the kids, a little girl asked a teacher, “Are we writing a card for Father Chris?”

It’s hard to believe that was 15 years ago. Time goes very fast. This Father’s Day will definitely be different from all the previous ones, and not just because of COVID-19. All the kids are spread out these days, living out their own lives and dreams. Rachelle married a smart guy in home security and they have a beautiful family of four kids in Arkansas: Madison (14), Brooke (12), Samantha (4), and Jake (1). I think I’m most popular in the 4-year-old demographic. Man, Sam loves me. We couldn’t get rid of her while she was around the office! We’d watch hilarious animal videos and color together. She knows where the colors are in my office, and she was quick to sit on my lap and get to work on her coloring. When Madison and Brooke were young, around 4 years old, they loved to chatter too. They used to sit on each of my knees, and when I’d answer the phone, they were silent as stones while I was talking. Then, when I’d hang up the phone, they were back to chattering again. Mason is living in LA with his girlfriend. He’s working at Petco (which is doing well despite the pandemic), and he wants to be a director, while his girlfriend wants to be an actress. He actually introduced me to YouTube nine years ago. It’s crazy to think that someone didn’t know what YouTube was nine years ago, but that was me; I needed the introduction. Now, I’m making YouTube videos all the time for this job. Being a dad has been an incredible journey so far. I’m so grateful that Bev let me be part of it. May your families stay healthy and safe, and may you still find time to celebrate the best parts of fatherhood this month!

“No, why?” the teacher asked.

“For Father’s Day!” the girl exclaimed. It was hilarious for us because of how confused she was. Of course, she only called me “Father,” while she called her actual father “Dad.” To her, it only made sense that Father’s Day would be for your priest. Eventually, though, I did become a dad. I mentioned a bit about how I met my wife, Bev, last edition and about our wedding in February’s edition. That was over 15 years ago. She had two kids, Rachelle and Mason. I felt pretty great about becoming a dad, but it didn’t come without a few challenges. Rachelle didn’t like me at all at first. Her father died when she was only 16, and by the time I got married to Bev, Rachelle was 19 and already in college. It took us a while to spend time together and bond. Now, I spend time with Rachelle’s four kids all the time (through FaceTime). They adore me! Rachelle seems to put up with me nicely too.

While Rachelle wasn’t living in the house when I married Bev, Mason was 11 and still around. And he loved me from day one.

He’d been stuck in a household of girls, so having a guy around the house seemed awesome! Being a priest can prepare you for many things in parenthood but the lack of personal space wasn’t one of them. Little Mason would follow me everywhere! He’d be asking about everything I was doing, whether I was shaving my face in the morning or hitting a golf ball. I’d never had someone in my personal space, asking me to explain everything, so much. I’d tell him, “This is guy stuff.” He liked my explanations, and we spent a lot of time together.

“I felt pretty great about becoming a dad, but it didn’t come without a few challenges.”

–Chris Grimmond CFP ® 402-614-3389 • 1

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