POY Teen Handbook - English



Teens join together and participate in MADD’s Power of You(th) campaigns: #ProtectUrSelfie and #ProtectUrFriends.

My parents and I have always had an understanding that drinking alcohol wasn’t for me. I watched family members, close friends, and elders I knew let alcohol tear their life, dreams, and aspirations apart, and I told my parents that was not going to be me! I knew I wanted to live healthy: mentally, physically and spiritually, so I was determined to live each day responsibly without alcohol.

I remembered a question my parents asked me: What’s your motive for drinking alcohol? And as I thought about it, I had no motive because I will face problems to the day I die and just drinking for a good time isn’t going to make my problems or issues disappear. So, I decided that alcohol wasn’t going to become a part of me, and my parents 100% enforced and supported my decision, inspiring me to find other ways to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. -Kenya, 19, Louisiana


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