POY Teen Handbook - English


Some of the choices you make today will affect you for the rest of your life. Having good information will help you make good choices.

How Alcohol Impacts the Body

It’s a fact: Anyone who has been drinking cannot accurately tell how drunk he or she is. Alcohol is a drug that depresses the whole body, and impairment begins with the very first drink. Alcohol begins to slow down judgment, coordination, and reaction time. As alcohol levels get higher, breathing and heart rate slow down—and can even stop.


TRUE OR FALSE? Does coffee or a cold shower help someone sober up?

False! Only time can make a person sober.

Teens Drink Differently Than Adults

Because of their age and developing body, teens dangerously get drunk twice as fast as adults and have more trouble knowing when to stop. The teen body is not prepared to protect itself from the effects of alcohol the way an adult body is.


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