POY Teen Handbook - English


Resisting Peer Pressure…

It’s real. In fact many teens say that one of their biggest challenges is resisting peer pressure. Do any of these statements sound familiar? “Come on, everyone’s drinking.” “If you won’t drink with us, then why are you hanging out with us?” “We drank together before, so what’s the problem now?” But teens also offer some great advice for making good choices. Check out these tips to say no to alcohol. Pick one that feels right and make it your own: Simple one-liners: “I’m cool,” or “No thanks.” Offering an alternative: “I’d rather have something else.” Making an excuse: “I have a test to study for tomorrow,” or “I’m super tired.” Giving a short explanation: “I really don’t like the taste.” Take a stand: “I don’t drink.”

“I always have a code word or fake text ready so my parents can help me get out of an uncomfortable situation. I can blame them and not look uncool in the process.” – Sarah, 17, New York


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