POY Teen Handbook - English


Together. Sometimes teens care more about protecting their friends than themselves. But you don’t have to choose. Help each other with these tips: Make a pact. There is

power in numbers! Make a pledge with your friends to not drink alcohol under 21 and to never ride with a drinking driver.

Have a plan. Determine how to handle uncomfortable or dangerous situations that involve alcohol before you go out, in case the night doesn’t turn out the way you thought. Pay attention. If you think your friend may have a problem with alcohol—for example, if he or she drinks regularly, drops out of usual activities, and/or drives under the influence—then talk to them, and talk to a trusted adult, to keep everyone safe. Call for help. If someone passes out from drinking and won’t wake up—call 911. Don’t let them “sleep it off,” because they may not wake up. Getting in trouble is better than the danger of alcohol poisoning. Thousands of students across the country make the #ProtectUrSelfie pledge each year.


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