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How Personal Training Saved Me Twice IN CHILDHOOD AND ADULTHOOD

When I was in middle school, I struggled with my mental and physical health. I was an overweight kid, and it was really hard on me until I decided that something needed to change. I knew that if I wanted to improve as a person, it was up to me to take action. I started eating better, running every day, lifting weights, and doing everything I could think of to improve my personal health. My goal was to live the healthy lifestyle I knew I was capable of, and eventually, I did reach that goal. But as I set out on my path of self-improvement, I didn’t know about the long chain of events I’d have to push through before succeeding.

“But as I set out on my path of self-improvement, I didn’t know about the long chain of events I’d have to push through before succeeding.”


Even though everything was spiraling out of control, I didn’t lose hope. In the early years of my fighting career, I became a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise, in addition to becoming a certified group fitness instructor and certified sports nutritionist. I knew how to train people, so that’s what I did. I started working as a personal trainer to support myself and in hopes of purchasing a ticket back to San Diego, but that plan quickly changed. I spent the next month or so traveling between a number of gyms, including karate dojos, using my own enthusiasm to train anyone who was interested in pushing themselves and obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Many people know that before I opened Elite Edge, I was a professional MMA and UFC fighter. The time and effort I put into my training paid off. I found myself in a position where I could use my passion for self-discipline and training in a setting that I thrived in. My career as a fighter was successful, and I learned a lot in the years I spent there, from my first fight on my 21st birthday to when I retired. At one point in my fighting career, I went to work with a former fighting organization, but that was when things started to go downhill. Instead of organizing my first match, they kept postponing it. By the time I finally had my first fight, I’d gone almost a year without receiving a paycheck, which, of course, was scary. Around the time I finally received that check, I had flown to Iowa to visit my parents for the Christmas holidays. But, when I tried to cash the check to purchase a return flight to California, it bounced. That wasn’t the worst of news. Not long afterward, one of my two fellow UFC roommates reached out and told me that the house we were renting had been burglarized. I was stranded in Iowa, and all I had to my name were the clothes I brought with me. Claim Your Free Week at www.EliteEdgeGym.com

I was soon approached by the owner of one of the gyms I trained at regularly, who asked if I would be interested in taking over his lease,

and I jumped at the opportunity. This chance paved the way for the opening of Elite Edge Gym. That was 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve watched Elite Edge grow into what it is today and seen its purpose at work, not only for me but also for every one of our trainees. We’re changing lives here, and I’m thankful that despite the challenges, I find myself where I am today. -Joe Brammer



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