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How Personal Training Saved Me Twice IN CHILDHOOD AND ADULTHOOD

When I was in middle school, I struggled with my mental and physical health. I was an overweight kid, and it was really hard on me until I decided that something needed to change. I knew that if I wanted to improve as a person, it was up to me to take action. I started eating better, running every day, lifting weights, and doing everything I could think of to improve my personal health. My goal was to live the healthy lifestyle I knew I was capable of, and eventually, I did reach that goal. But as I set out on my path of self-improvement, I didn’t know about the long chain of events I’d have to push through before succeeding.

“But as I set out on my path of self-improvement, I didn’t know about the long chain of events I’d have to push through before succeeding.”


Even though everything was spiraling out of control, I didn’t lose hope. In the early years of my fighting career, I became a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise, in addition to becoming a certified group fitness instructor and certified sports nutritionist. I knew how to train people, so that’s what I did. I started working as a personal trainer to support myself and in hopes of purchasing a ticket back to San Diego, but that plan quickly changed. I spent the next month or so traveling between a number of gyms, including karate dojos, using my own enthusiasm to train anyone who was interested in pushing themselves and obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Many people know that before I opened Elite Edge, I was a professional MMA and UFC fighter. The time and effort I put into my training paid off. I found myself in a position where I could use my passion for self-discipline and training in a setting that I thrived in. My career as a fighter was successful, and I learned a lot in the years I spent there, from my first fight on my 21st birthday to when I retired. At one point in my fighting career, I went to work with a former fighting organization, but that was when things started to go downhill. Instead of organizing my first match, they kept postponing it. By the time I finally had my first fight, I’d gone almost a year without receiving a paycheck, which, of course, was scary. Around the time I finally received that check, I had flown to Iowa to visit my parents for the Christmas holidays. But, when I tried to cash the check to purchase a return flight to California, it bounced. That wasn’t the worst of news. Not long afterward, one of my two fellow UFC roommates reached out and told me that the house we were renting had been burglarized. I was stranded in Iowa, and all I had to my name were the clothes I brought with me. Claim Your Free Week at www.EliteEdgeGym.com

I was soon approached by the owner of one of the gyms I trained at regularly, who asked if I would be interested in taking over his lease,

and I jumped at the opportunity. This chance paved the way for the opening of Elite Edge Gym. That was 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve watched Elite Edge grow into what it is today and seen its purpose at work, not only for me but also for every one of our trainees. We’re changing lives here, and I’m thankful that despite the challenges, I find myself where I am today. -Joe Brammer




Brandy Sally has been a member of Elite Edge for nearly five years, during which she went through immense unexpected changes in her life. The team at Elite Edge is proud to highlight our amazing member and the strength she possesses.

Please Don’t Stop the Music Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure While You Sweat

When she first joined us, Brandy was simply curious. “My husband, Tom Sally, and I started together in February 2015,” Brandy explains. “He did a 20-pound challenge, and I thought, ‘I’ll just tag along and see what it does for me.’” From this first step, Brandy embarked on a journey that would not only heighten her physical health but also boost her mental well-being. “Since becoming a member here at Elite Edge, I’ve noticed a lot of different progress,” she says. “My clothes fit better. My lifts have all gotten a lot stronger. In the fall of 2017, I participated in a back-to-school challenge. I ended up winning the overall body composition. I actually had abs for a time!” However, Brandy had to stop in December 2017, shortly after winning this challenge, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Classic Roast Chicken Ingredients • 1 chicken, approx. 5–6 lbs • Kosher salt • Freshly ground pepper • 1 large bunch fresh thyme, 20 sprigs removed • 1 lemon, halved • 1 head garlic, cut in half crosswise • 2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted • 1 large yellow onion, thickly sliced • 4 carrots, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces • Olive oil Directions 1. Heat oven to 425 F. 2. Rinse chicken inside and out, in olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and 20 sprigs of thyme.

Now that Sony Walkman MP3 players have gone the way of eight-tracks and floppy disks, most regular gymgoers rely on their smartphones for their workout soundtracks. Funneling in tunes is a good move — listening to music has been shown to make people work harder and enjoy exercise more — but when you’re sweaty and constantly moving, it can be difficult to keep your phone secure. If you’re struggling with your smartphone falling out of your pocket, bouncing distractingly, or impeding your movements, try one of these tricks to keep it stable and accessible next time you hit the gym. Armbands For people who struggle with their phones slipping from sweaty fingers, an armband is the go-to option to secure them. Ranging in price from under $10 to over $100 and customized for most types of smartphones, these holders strap around your upper arm while you work out, keeping your phone within reach and giving you easy access to its screen. The main downside reported by reviewers is that some models are bulky and draw attention in the gym. smartphone holder of choice for distance runners, basketball players, CrossFitters, and weightlifters. One option called the QuadBandit can even be integrated with your running shorts. Simply attach the QuadBandit around your thigh under your shorts, push the lining of your short’s pocket under the strap, then slip your smartphone into your pocket until it’s secure under the strap. Your shorts hide the whole assemblage. These holders are less visible than armbands but are also less common, so buyers have fewer reviews to rely on when shopping. Leggings With Pockets Leggings are more popular among women than men, but they’ve recently been revolutionized with smartphones in mind. Brands like Fabletics, New Balance, and Old Navy have overhauled their leggings to include pockets, and, due to the tight, stretchy material leggings are made from, these pockets hold smartphones in place much more securely than regular gym shorts. If you’re in the market for a new pair, consider putting pockets on your must-have list. Thighbands This cousin of the armband has been gaining traction as the

removing giblets if included. Move to a work surface, pat dry, and liberally season with salt and pepper. Stuff cavity with thyme bunch, lemon

4. Place the chicken on the

vegetables and roast for 1 1/2 hours.

5. Remove from oven, and let stand for 20 minutes covered with foil. 6. Slice and serve with the vegetables.

halves, and garlic head. Brush outside with butter, and then season again. Tie chicken legs together with kitchen string. 3. Meanwhile, in a roasting pan, toss onions and carrots

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Keep Your Body Functioning at 100% THE BENEFITS OF A LIVER DETOX

The holidays are a time to celebrate togetherness with family, give presents to loved ones, and sit down for a big family dinner. However, it’s also the time of year when people tend to eat a little more food that, while tasty, isn’t healthy. While it might be okay to have a lapse once in a while, overloading your body with unhealthy food is not. Giving your body a chance to recover from this overload is essential to your well-being.

The year following her diagnosis, Brandy had to go through 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and five surgeries. It was an exhausting and difficult time for her, but Brandy pushed through each challenge as it faced her. “Without the extra strength and conditioning that I received here, the side effects would have been a lot worse.” All her efforts put toward strengthening and conditioning were beneficial in ways she never knew would help her, giving her the best chance for a tremendous recovery. Moving forward, Brandy is most looking forward to regaining her strength, getting her body composition back to where it was, and participating in a back-to-school challenge once again. As she puts it, “I’m going to get my abs back.” “[My family and I] just want to say thank you, again, to Elite Edge. We have had so much fun and enjoyed it so much, my husband and I, that we’ve recruited my daughter, Malory, to join us. We all look forward to a fun, fit life.” Inspiration

Bodies operate much like machines and, therefore, need to be maintained. Constant exposure to the toxins around you can gum up the inner workings of your body, which leads to a number of health problems. People who experience toxin backup may have symptoms such as forgetfulness, immune problems, poor digestion, fatigue, and headaches.

So, this begs two questions: How can we avoid buildup? How do we help our body fight back? The answer is simple: detox.

Some people may argue that the liver, which is charged with removing waste from your body, has this covered, but those people are forgetting a crucial step — the liver can become overworked. Every day, the liver works toward removing toxins, and it can be overwhelming, especially around the holidays when the temptation to consume harmful foods might often win against your will. Detoxing is essential for your body to clear out the impurities running amok. It gives your body the thorough cleaning it needs and ensures that your liver is in tiptop shape time and time again. Through a liver detox, your body’s natural filter is cleared of the toxins that have obstructed it. You no longer have to suffer from splitting headaches, aching joints, painful allergies, or weight gain. If you experience any of these symptoms, go to EliteEdgeGym.com and fill out our contact form. We can provide you the best methods to start your detox today.




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Tips for Running and Jogging in Cold Weather


Maybe you love the majesty of a winter’s morning, or maybe you just hate the treadmill. Whatever your reason is for wanting to run or jog outside in the dead of winter, remember to take the proper precautions before stepping out. Runners face challenges during the winter that they don’t face any other time of year. If you want to experience the winter safely, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re planning on braving the snow and frigid temperatures, try to spend 10–15 minutes warming up before you walk out your front door. Cold weather naturally tightens muscles and joints, so stretching your limbs in a heated environment is a good way to ensure maximum comfort and minimum risk of injury when you’re running in the cold. Warm up inside first .

beaten path, then you need to make sure your shoes are up to the challenge. If your running shoes have worn soles, then you’ll need to get a new pair with soles that will grip the ground better before stepping out on the ice. Regardless of how amazing your shoes are, remain vigilant about where you’re stepping. Yes, it is cold outside, but your body will naturally warm up as you run, just like it would with any other physical activity. Think of what you would normally wear to stay comfortable in the cold, and then wear one less layer when you’re running. Of course, you should keep other weather elements in mind as well, such as wind, rain, and snow, when you’re picking out your running clothes. Finally, if a day is particularly cold, snowy, or windy, don’t force yourself outside for the sake of your health. Sometimes, a good bowl of soup and a roaring fire can be just as physically satisfying as a run outside. Dress down a layer.

Wear shoes with traction.

If your favorite running path is covered with snow and ice, you should consider finding a different route. But, if you can’t resist going down your


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