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Time to Reboot! Your 2020 IT Resolutions

How to Protect Your IT in the New Year

Update Security Applications Be vigilant about implementing a comprehensive patch management program. Be sure to monitor your patching consistently. Know that keeping your security patches up to date is critical. This will protect you from the latest threats. You may have heard of the Equifax data breach in which 143 million Americans were potentially affected — Social Security numbers, birth dates, and home addresses were exposed. A fix that would have closed the security hole was available two months before the breach, but the company failed to update its software. Take Steps to Avoid Falling Victim to Ransomware Be proactive with your security. This is the best way to protect your company from ransomware. With a qualified IT team like Broadleaf, we will be able to see those issues or attacks well before they become a real threat. This will ensure you’re mitigating the cost and risk of your business more effectively in 2020.

recovery times and objectives. Just think about how much time you can bide without critical systems, applications, and data before your company is negatively affected. Additionally, how much data can you afford to lose between your backups? Make sure your recovery objectives can be met by periodically testing your data protection strategy. Consider enhanced BDR services that can detect ransomware during backups as well. Harden Your Organization Against Phishing Attacks If you don’t have an email filtering application, it's time to invest. When looking over your options, make sure whatever you choose can filter malicious emails. These applications are only so effective, of course, so it’s important to educate your staff as well. Make sure your staff knows the characteristics of a fake email and how to handle them. Ongoing training of your employees is the most powerful tool you can have in avoiding phishing attacks. Up Your Password Game Require your employees to change their passwords on a regular basis. Passwords like “Password, 123456,” or reusing recent passwords should be prohibited. The more complicated a password is the better. Be sure to track all passwords with a password management software application.

Now that New Year’s celebrations have faded, many of us are considering what might need to be improved or changed in 2020. Many of us are evaluating the year gone by and discerning the dreams and goals we hope to achieve in the new year. Regardless of what your New Year’s resolution is, achieving it comes down to having a plan. While we may not know a lot about eating healthier or exercising more, Broadleaf Services can help with your IT security resolutions. Here are a few that can help get your IT infrastructure into fighting shape to defend against the cybercriminals who may head your way in 2020. Develop a Formal Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan Hope is not a strategy, so it’s essential to have a backup and disaster recovery plan. It should encompass not only data back up, but also detail realistic

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