EEA Policy 23-24


The need for Extra Access Arrangements may be identified at the following stages of the learner journey:

 On Application or Expression of Interest via o

Scouting or fishing for provision from the Local Authority o Online Application o Directly - Club/Venue/Employer

  



In-learning When information is identified, it must be escalated to the Learning Support and SEND team to begin the implementation process.


The process for gathering information to be submitted to the AO is as follows:

 Learner discloses LDD/EHCP who are flagged to the LS & SEND team.  Learning Support Manager allocates learners to LSCs  LSCs gather information- Normal Way of Working (NWOW) and evidence of need along with a completed consent form.  LS Admin creates tracker to record learners needing EEAs along with a folder with the learner name in the EAA channel where LSCs will store the information ready to be submitted to Exams Officer.  LSCs populate folders with gathered information and advise LS Admin when this is complete.  LS Admin liaises with Learning Support Manager to make aware of any information missing. o LS Manager liaises with LS Team Leads to ensure information is gathered from the delivery teams  LS Admin liaises with Exams Officer to ensure timely submission of all completed folders.  Exams Officer advises LS Admin of approved EEAs and tracker is populated.  LS Admin shares tracker with delivery teams  LS Admin sends email to parents to advise EEA for learner.


The Learning Support and SEND team will check the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) of learners who have one, to ascertain if Extra Access Arrangements are required.

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