EEA Policy 23-24


Please note not all Awarding Organisations offer the same access arrangements.

List of access arrangements – not exhaustive:

  

Supervised rest breaks

Extra Time

Reader/Computer reader

 Read aloud and/or the use of an examination reading pen.  Scribe/Speech recognition technology  Word processor  Prompter  Oral Language Modifier  Sign Language Interpreter  Practical assistant  Modified Papers/Enlarged/Coloured  Separate room


By the end of Term 1, evidence and information should have been presented to the Learner Support team to ensure timely submission to Awarding Organisation and external parties.


The Learning Support and SEND team is responsible for information and evidence gathering to support the EAA request. The Learning Support and SEND team may require the Delivery Colleague to provide Normal Way of Working (NWOW) information and any further supplementary evidence. The Delivery team is responsible for checking that arrangements are confirmed prior to the assessment/examination. The Exams Officer is responsible for submitting the information to the Awarding organisation and external parties. Along with updating the EAA tracker and storing the confirmation notification. The Learning Support Administrator is responsible for input and updates to the EAA Tracker.


Learning Support –

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