SCL Group Appeals Process 23-24



The internal appeals procedure is designed to provide information to students and staff on academic appeals. It recognises that students seeking qualifications that are either internally or externally assessed have a right to seek a review of decisions that affect them. This procedure will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure that appeals against internal assessment decisions within SCL Group are managed in accordance with current requirements and regulations.


The purpose of this procedure is to confirm the arrangements set by SCL Group for dealing with candidate appeals relating to internal assessment decisions. It serves as a commitment to ensuring that whenever teaching staff mark learner work, that this is done fairly, consistently and in accordance with the awarding body’s specification and subject-specific associated documents. This procedure ensures compliance with regulations which state that centres must: • have in place and be available for inspection purposes, a written internal appeals procedure relating to internal assessment decisions and to ensure that details of this procedure are communicated, made widely available and accessible to all learners • before submitting marks to the awarding body inform candidates of their centre assessed marks and allow a candidate to request a review of the centre’s marking


This procedure applies to all learners studying with SCL Group. This procedure underpins SCL Group’s core values and will be used objectively and free from discrimination in accordance with the SCL Equality and Diversity policy.

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