SCL Group Appeals Process 23-24



Where a student is appealing an internal assessment or grading decision, they must make their appeal within 30 calendar days of receiving their assessment decision. Any appeals made after this will only be taken into consideration for extenuating circumstances. Candidates must follow the four stages of the appeals procedure outlined below in order to lodge a successful appeal. Stage 1 - Candidate (Informal) The candidate must contact the teacher / trainer and ask for clarification on the mark / grade given. The candidate will be given the opportunity to explain the reasoning for the required clarification. If the student remains unsatisfied and an agreement cannot be met the candidate must proceed to Stage 2 and put the appeal in writing. The candidate must complete the ‘Assessment Appeals form’. Stage 2 - Teacher / Trainer (First Formal) The teacher / trainer will be required to remark / reconsider the mark / grade given. If the appeal is related to a marked piece of work, the work will be remarked and feedback against each criterion must be given. In the case of a practical assessment the teacher / trainer will revisit the evidence submitted and subsequent notes and provide feedback against each criterion that could be awarded. The teacher / trainer will provide a response within 10 working days which must be: a) a clear explanation backed up with a written statement regarding the assessment decision and b) a new decision or confirmation of the original decision. If the candidate agrees with the teacher / trainer’s response, then the appeal stops at this point. If the candidate remains unsatisfied with the outcome, the appeal will proceed to Stage 3. Upon confirmation from the candidate that they wish to proceed to Stage 3, the teacher / trainer must refer the appeal to the National Quality Manager / Head of Quality. The teacher / trainer will give the National Quality Manager / Head of Quality the following information: a) the original assessment record and the candidate’s evidence where appropriate b) the written explanation and confirmation of the assessment decision

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