SCL Group Plagiarism Policy 23-24



This policy covers all SCL Group learners across all provisions. It is important to reference and refer to any guidance provided by the appropriate Awarding Organisation (AO) in the instance of plagiarism. Breaches of this policy will be managed through the Disciplinary Procedure.


Plagiarism is defined as “the presentation of someone else’s work, ideas, opinions, or discoveries, whether published or not, as one’s own”. It is considered unacceptable as authentic evidence for assessment. For accurate assessment of a learner’s knowledge and understanding to occur, it is essential that information presented is created and compiled by the learner themselves.


To avoid plagiarism learners must acknowledge all sources of information that have been used. Learners must use/consider: • Listing all sources (books, magazines, internet) at the end of their work using the Harvard referencing method or similar format. • Seeking advice from SCL delivery staff on how to reference and provide a bibliography. • Quotation marks/referencing marks to credit the original source, including those that are re-written. • Any form of copied information should only be used as an example or illustration of a point made/concept expressed in the text. • The information should be only of a length necessary to provide the relevant illustration or example. • The quotation or reference should provide an opportunity for the learner to demonstrate understanding, through the ability to select relevant secondary data for the illustration or example.

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