SCL Group Plagiarism Policy 23-24



SCL Group recognise the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing the learning experience, however, it is important to maintain the authenticity of learners' work. In certain instances, AI can be employed as a valuable tool to support and augment the learning process. However, it should never be used to generate work on behalf of a learner. The use of AI should be limited to aiding research, providing insights, or assisting with specific tasks, always under the guidance and supervision of educators. Our commitment to academic integrity and the development of genuine skills necessitates that learners actively engage in the learning process and contribute their own knowledge and understanding to their assignments.


Where plagiarism is spotted for the first time, it should be considered whether this was intentional. In the instance plagiarism may have been accidental (i.e., referencing wasn’t completed) this should be addressed immediately with the learner and the Lead IQA must be informed. The opportunity for resubmission and re-assessment in line with course guidelines should be given on this occasion. Where plagiarism is clear (i.e., word for word, or with one or two words/phrases/the formatting changed and deemed to have been copied) either from material published in the public domain, or fellow learners, will be void for assessment. Such incidents must be followed up in line with the Disciplinary Process. In this instance, the relevant AOs plagiarism policy must be consulted, and their process followed.


• Quality Assurance and Improvement Strategy • IQA Strategy • Malpractice and Maladministration Policy • Appeals Process • Disciplinary Process

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