SCL Group Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 23-24



All prospective learners will have access to information on how to apply for and claim RPL. Learners that have previously completed an accredited programme, whether in full or part, will be required to inform SCL Group during the enrolment and onboarding process. Delivery staff will be responsible for identifying learners with prior learning and alerting the Curriculum Manager/Programme Lead/Head of Performance. Learners will be requested to provide evidence of prior learning in the form of certification. Certificates which can be used as evidence of RPL will be collected and photocopies made, to be kept on file as part of the mapping process. The Curriculum Manager/Programme Lead/Head of Performance will be responsible for relaying this information to the Exams Officer and Quality Manager, who will review the details of the completed units to ensure continuation of the programme, or any subsequent award, is compliant and in line with Awarding Organisation (AO) requirements with regards to top-ups. For apprenticeship standards, the Trainer must consider the content of the prior learning in comparison to the standard to determine any overlap and reduction required to the programme. If work completed was not certificated, details of any claimed units must be provided in the form of a transcript from the AO.


SCL Group accepts the following evidence for RPL: - Unit certificates - Certificates for full qualifications When presenting a certificate for RPL, the learner will need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding to prevent the need to repeat the assessment or course. Learners’ prior certificated learning can be used as evidence for assessment criteria. Copies are only acceptable as evidence where the original certificates have been seen and countersigned. When using certificates for RPL, SCL Group will cross reference the work between the two standards (the qualification/unit certificated, and the qualification registered on).

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