SCL Group Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 23-24


Evidence of previous learning or achievement, like other evidence, will be rigorously subjected to the assessment of its: - Validity : does the evidence demonstrate that the demands of the assessment criteria/learning outcome has been met? - Currency : does the evidence demonstrate that demands of the specification have been met and are up to date? (See page 7 for further clarification of currency) - Authenticity : can the evidence be unequivocally attributed to the learner? - Sufficiency : is there enough evidence to fully meet the criteria/outcome? Other types of evidence The evidence gathered needs to meet the standards of the specification that it will be used for. Evidence from a learner’s past experience could include: - Paid work - Community or voluntary work - Home life - Education and training Further evidence may include: - Evidence of workplace practice, confirmed by workplace managers. - Past portfolios of evidence created by the learner which remains current. - Reports created by the learner and confirmed as authentic. - Expert witness testimonies (i.e., workplace managers, specialists, lecturers/teachers) - Professional discussions conducted with the learner to confirm their knowledge/skills. - New assignment briefs or tasks that have been created to fill any gaps in the evidence presented. Whatever evidence is used it must be confirmed as valid, current, sufficient and authentic and subjected to the same rigour as any other type of evidence prior to acceptance. Cross Referencing All RPL will be mapped to individual assessment criteria to the appropriate/ corresponding assessment criteria of the current qualification (where the AO allows). This means that some assessment criteria will be met, others only partially met, and some may not meet the requirements at all. In most cases, it is unlikely that learners will have all the evidence they need to achieve a full unit unless they have previously achieved the unit itself. A full record of the mapping must be kept on record for quality assurance purposes.

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