SCL Group Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 23-24


RPL can only be used for those assessment criteria that are fully met. With this type of mapping, the assessment criteria must match, or sufficient evidence must be present to show that the learner has achieved the criteria with the work that they have already completed, and access to the work that has been submitted for the original qualification, if available, may be requested. When mapping, grading criteria cannot be used unless the learner has met all assessment criteria. Evidence for how and why an individual learner has achieved through RPL needs to have a substantial audit trail and is not a shortcut to achieving all or part of the current qualification. Assessing Currency When assessing the currency of knowledge and practice, SCL Group can only accept certificates that are not older than 2 years, as it is deemed that the knowledge and skills of the learner will no longer be current after this time. Certificates older than 2 years may require additional assessment of the learner’s knowledge and skills against the current standard. Significant changes in practice or technology in under 2 years will also be considered to ensure that the assessment of the learner’s practice is current. All AOs require confirmation that currency and validity has been assessed and RPL should be subject to the same assessment processes as other forms of evidence and be subject to formal review and feedback.


SCL Group will be required to provide access to the audit trail for all units claimed through the individual AO quality processes. The External Quality Assurer may request access to all RPL evidence and therefore a rigorous audit trail must be in place. Certificates can only be claimed when the appropriate quality assurance processes are completed successfully.


Learners are able to appeal the assessment decision for RPL in the same way they can any other assessment decision by following the centre’s Appeals Process and/or Complaints Policy which can be found on the SCL website.

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