Data Privacy & Security Digital Digest_Winter 2020

Cybersecurity Resources

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offers CISA Insights

The New York State Chief Information Security Office (CISO) provides the public with a variety of helpful cybersecurity resources, including training materials, incident reporting/ breach notification resources, and more. NYS CISO Cybersecurity Resources




Four new Insights products were released last fall that include information on:



Agency provides information on cyber threats and exploits, as well as mitigation activities through CISA Insights. All Insights are “informed by U.S. cyber intelligence and real-world events” and new CISA Insights are updated as they become available. (CISA)

• Mitigating DNS Tampering • Remediating

Vulnerabilities on Internet-Accessible Systems • Securing High Value Assets • Enhancing Email and Web Security

Visit the main CISO Home Page and navigate to Cyber Security - you won’t be disappointed.

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