Where Can You Get the Formula to Build a Million-Dollar a Year Plus Real Estate Business in a Single Weekend? Here ’ s the true story of how one investor came up with his method to show anyone how to build a million-dollar real estate business so quickly, it can literally explode your success & profits overnight.

“ Millionaire Jump Start .” The response was incredible. I was shocked by how many different types of investors were there. And at the end of the two days, they were ecstatic! That was almost 10 years ago. Today the training is better than ever and in today’s market, it’s more relevant for investors than ever. Honestly, as the years passed, I found so much to share I couldn’t fit it into a 2- day event. So, I increased it to 3-days, and packed it with even more useable strategies that I personally teach! In just three jam-packed days, I was able to hit the most vital elements… • Money Making Secret #1: Getting Motivated Sellers to Call You! How would this change your business today? • Money Making Secret #2: The Art of Structuring Deals. You can get sellers to take back financing, even zero interest, and zero payments. How about getting control of a property for as little as $10 and being able to start cash flowing off it immediately? It’s crazy easy to do ! • Money Making Secret #3: Secrets of Negotiating: Everything is negotiable, I ’ ll show you how to get the best deals. • Money Making Secret #4: Trusts Simplified: Confused on how to do "Subject-To Deals" safely? I'll show you my new fundamentals that make Trusts so simple, a child could understand it. • Money Making Secret #5: Create a Step-By-Step plan for Success in Real Estate: I'm one of the few who will share this amazing secret with you! You'll leave with your own business plan ready to start on Monday! This is only a tiny sample of what I reveal. I teach so much at this event, it would This Works Regardless of Your Experience As An Investor!

Years ago, after teaching at the REIA in Bellevue, I was sitting in the airport, waiting for my severely delayed flight and eating overpriced food. A smiling guy with a Jersey accent walked up to me, hand outstretched and said... “Mr. Brown, I’d lik’ta shake yer hand, and buy youz a beer!” I was irritated over being stuck in rainy Seattle, but I shook his hand and motioned to the seat across from me. I soon learned that he had flown in from the east coast to look at 3 properties he was buying. And … that it was all because of me. " Ya know Lou, I wish’d there was some sorta ‘quick start’ trainin when I got your course. Sumthin where a guy could spend a few days with you and get a jump on what to do first. You know, sorta a step-by-step. I sat on your course for two years before I got started, because I had this idea that it was too complicated. That was stoopid, cause when I finally looked through the materials, it was easy. I left- it sittin on a shelf for so long, I missed out on making some UGE profits.” Right Then the Idea Hit Me Like A Bug Flying Into A Windshield. Create a process to show people the big picture and exactly what to do, in order, to profit big in real estate? How could I give them a Jump Start to become real estate millionaires? When I got home, I couldn't sleep, read or do anything but play that conversation over and over again. I decided to create a training that covered not just the basics, but one that would be relevant regardless of where people were in their investor journey. It took months of talking, planning and brainstorming to make this a reality. But in July of that year, I held the premiere 2-day event in Atlanta. I called it

take 10 more pages to just list the highlights of what you'll learn. Why Should You Attend This Event? Are you just getting started and need specific direction to ramp up fast? Are you already investing but feel upset because your profits are low or erratic? Maybe you’re working too much and want more time off? If any of these things ring true for you, in 3 days I can show you how to fix it – to make this year your best year ever in real estate. Okay, Lou! How Much Is It? Y ou’d expect the admission for an event like The Millionaire Jumpstart to start at $995 and even go up to $2995 or more. After all, that ’ s pennies compared to what you'll earn from the secrets gleaned during these 3 jam-packed days of training. But, as a reader of THINK REALTY MAGAZINE, I'm prepared to make you a very special offer. If you call and mention you read this story in THINK REALTY MAGAZINE, your ticket to get in will be only $33 a day. That’s right, for only $99 you get THREE FULL DAYS of up close and personal real estate investing training. I’ ll make this 100% RISK- FREE… Attend an upcoming Millionaire Jumpstart and if, at the end of the 3 days you have not discovered 5 ways to make an additional $10,000 within 90 days of the event, simply go to the back of the room, see our staff and they will give you a complete refund, plus an extra 10% for the trouble! But hurry, seating is limited. Call now at 800-578-8580 or go online to see video comments from other smart folks like you! To Your Success!! - Lou Brown


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