Street Smart

Can You Increase Your Profits and Improve People's Lives?

H ow do you represent what you do as a real estate investor? You likely have a business name, a business card, a website or Facebook page…maybe even an office. But does your first contact with a seller or buyer give you instant credibility? Creating personal branding, (the image you create in the mind of your audience) has long been a struggle for investors…and it was something that Lou Brown started thinking about after many years of buying, selling and teaching his methods to others. Every year, hundreds of investors attended his topic specific trainings on how to run a profitable real estate investing business. They would attend his 3-day flagship training event, (the Millionaire Jump- start), learn the foundation for build- ing a $1M+ per year real estate busi- ness and leave gung-ho and ready to go. But they needed an easy way to create a strong brand presence. So,

materials. It’s ideal for anyone that is buying, selling or managing real estate and wants a proven way to quickly build or scale your business to a whole new level. Lou Brown’s passion for Real Estate began as a teenager. He saw his mother’s friend buying real estate and constantly improving her lifestyle. This was a stark contrast to what he and his mother were doing, which was always being stuck renting apartments. That “friend” showed Lou how to buy his first home in 1976 when he was in a dead- end job, barely scraping. Lou soon learned how to buy property without going to the bank and that made him unstoppable. In addition to his being a lifetime investor, Lou is past President and designated lifetime member of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA) and founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association. •

Lou came up with a groundbreaking solution for real estate investors… the chance to be a brand! It’s called Certified Affordable Housing Provid- er ® (“CAHP”), and to date, over 500 student investors across all 50 states have used it to build their business beyond what they ever imagined. As a nationwide brand, CAHP licensees help families in their local commu- nity realize the American dream of home ownership, regardless of credit or financial background. This concept has prompted a nationwide revolution for real estate investors, agents, and property managers alike. By aligning with CAHP , a strong, recognized brand, it gives you instant credibility and a professional image that can attract unlimited custom- ers. Lou’s turn key “CAHP” business model provides all of the tools and training needed to build an extremely successful RE business, including all his time tested and proven marketing


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