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MAY 2018


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Besides my law firm, my three passions are fishing, hunting, and fitness. On Easter weekend, my fitness was put to the test as I competed in a duathlon with my sister, Roxana. We have both done these types of races before, but we had never done a duathlon together. This particular duathlon was a 3.1-mile run, followed by an 18-mile bike, followed by a final 3.1-mile run. As you can guess, it was a challenging and rewarding experience. When Roxana and I started talking about the races we wanted to sign up for this year, she mentioned this one that takes place about 45 minutes from Oklahoma City, which is where she is in her OB-GYN residency program. It happened to be on Easter weekend, so I thought it would be perfect — good race weather, fun family time, and enough time to train. Roxana and I both played basketball most of our lives, but we have really enjoyed doing triathlon-type races. When we got there, there were about 100 other racers, and most of them looked like Ironman competitors doing their first race of the season. We got pumped by the talent around us and were ready to compete. At the start of the race, Roxana flew out of the gate and kicked my butt on the first run. I was three minutes behind her. Then, when we hit the bikes, I saw her and started gaining. I ended up being able to really pick up speed on the bike and maintain it. I passed her 3 miles into the bike race and never slowed down. However, the run slowed me down again. On the last half of the final run, I saw Roxana was gaining on me again, and I picked it up. I wasn’t going to lose this race to her. Once I saw the home stretch, I gave it all I had. In the end, Roxana finished first in her age division, and I finished second in my age division. It was not just fun, but it was a great escape from both of our intense work lives. Then, we treated ourselves with a childhood treat consisting of a root beer float and Tater Tots from Sonic. I actually didn’t begin running until I quit playing basketball. I was used to sprints, and it took me time to develop the mental and physical stamina to do long distance. We worked out all day long in basketball, but a long-distance run takes a different approach. You need to train your mind, not just your legs, to be committed for the long haul.

When I started traveling a lot for work, I really got into running. I would visit two to three cities a week and needed a way to stay in shape. I realized that no matter where you go, every place in the world has somewhere you can run — from trails to sidewalks and sand. Whenever I went to a new city, I found the best

route for a jog. Montana is one of the most beautiful places I ever ran. Each summer, I travel there to speak at a trial lawyer seminar, and I look forward to winding my way through the trails and mountain views. The beaches in Florida are also cool places to run. Over the last few years, running has become an outlet for me. Similar to patio time and fishing, running provides me with an opportunity to think and step outside of myself. When I am in the zone, I can let my thoughts wander for a while. Even better, when I get a “runner’s high” — yes, it’s really a thing, and no substances are needed! — I find that I’m able to approach a problem from a new angle. It’s often when I come up with my best ideas. Inside the newsletter, we share more about how Ashley ended up becoming the perfect fit for The Button Law Firm. If you’re looking for a bite to eat this month, you should also check out the local restaurant we feature on Page 4. Enjoy May, and if you ever want to talk running, I’m happy to share my knowledge! –Russell Button 214-888-2216 It was a fun experience to participate in the duathlon with Roxana, and we already can’t wait for the next one this year! Be on the lookout for pictures!


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