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June 2023

When clients adopt kittens or puppies, I outline what to expect, how to care for them, and strategies they can use to ensure the new furry friend is comfortable in their forever home. These methods seem simple and straight to the point from the outside looking in. But this information can seem like a lot when you’re on the receiving end! I realized this recently after I brought two kittens into my home last June. Although I knew the steps I needed to take, I didn’t understand how much time and effort my family and I would have to put into caring for these little ones. It’s been so long since I’ve owned and cared for kittens. Boy, was I in for a surprise! In June 2022, my children were helping their dad at the dairy farm. The kids heard several faint meows in the distance and decided to investigate. They were surprised when they discovered three kittens at least 3 weeks old — two girls and one boy. When the kittens saw my kids, they immediately started playing with them and climbing up their legs. But they didn’t see any signs of the mama cat. So, we decided to leave the kittens where we found them and see if their mom would appear. OUR FAMILY IS GETTING BIGGER! How We Found Chubby and Smokey

The next day, there were still no signs of the mama cat. So, we decided to take them in and care for them. From the beginning, I told my family that we would not keep the kittens. We already have a loveable feline named Subway that you all know and love and a very loyal canine named Jim. Unfortunately, the little boy passed away after a few days with the three kittens. It broke our hearts to see him go because we had immediately fallen in love with him. Thankfully, the two girls were healthy and active as ever.

Now, you know how much I love cats, so it should be no surprise when I finally decided to keep the two sweet girls. My kids were so excited, but I told them that caring for kittens would take a lot of commitment, but they were up for the challenge. Every day, we spend our time picking up wrappers and strings that the kittens somehow got their paws on, protecting our toes from sudden attacks, and trying to prevent them from hanging on our curtains. You don’t even want to know about our fiasco with the Christmas tree — we couldn’t keep them off it! What we love most about our two new furry family members are their personalities. Chubby is such a character! Surprisingly, she loves water. She sprints to the bathroom and jumps inside the tub whenever I get out of the shower. She will spend hours attacking tiny water droplets on the shower curtain and rolling around in the water. Our other cat, Smokey, is extremely curious! She is always getting into something that she shouldn’t be. If I hear things shuffling around at night, I know it’s her — we cannot stop that curious cat! If you’re curious how Subway and Jim like their new siblings, I’m happy to say they are the best big brothers ever! As soon as we took Chubby and Smokey home, Subway was always trying to get through the baby gate and play with them. Hopefully, his good manners will rub off on his sisters. And Jim is such a laid-back dog — he literally lets the kittens run all over him! Adding two kittens to our family has been a journey, but I wouldn’t change a thing! We love our furry friends so much and can’t wait to create more memories with them. Have you added any new furry friends to your family? I would love to hear about your experiences!

Until next time,

—Dr. Emily Saunders



Dental Cleaning


Dental disease is one of the most common problems found during appointments at Petersen Pet Hospital. It affects the teeth with plaque and decay. It causes gingivitis, or inflammation of the

gums, and can change the bone structure that holds the teeth. In severe cases, it will also cause problems beyond the mouth, such as sinus infection, abscess, and infection of organs such as the heart, kidney, and liver. Dr. Carmo has a patient named Madison, a 13-year-old Dachshund that comes to Petersen Pet Hospital for all his annual and senior checks. Due to his advanced dental disease, Dr. Carmo strongly recommended a professional dental cleaning at one of his appointments. Madison’s owners were apprehensive because of the nature of the procedure. At the hospital, we always evaluate all pets’ blood panels, EKG (to assess heart function), and a complete physical exam. Once Madison’s values came back all cleared for the procedure, Dr. Carmo used a safe anesthetic protocol to perform his cleaning.

Get to Know Dr. Young!

Dr. Sarah Young is an associate veterinarian here at Petersen Pet Hospital. She grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and graduated from Washington High School. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian and attended Iowa State University. She received her bachelor of science in Animal Science in 2003 and her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2007. She briefly lived in Anchorage, Alaska, then spent seven years in La Crosse/ Onalaska, Wisconsin, before finally moving back to her family in Cedar Rapids in 2014. She has a heightened interest in preventative care, internal medicine, and palliative care. Dr. Young enjoys attending continuing education conferences to extend her knowledge and share new information with her team.

Squeezable Cat Treats

Dr. Young and her husband, Ben, have two teens, Sydney and Simon. They have a dog, Remy, and two cats, Ninja and Echo. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, attending her children’s events, scrapbooking, playing games, and reading. Their family also enjoys visiting caves and zoos.

Inspired by


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g For Senior Pets

Under anesthesia, Dr. Carmo’s team could take full mouth radiographs and a complete oral exam. Madison had an anesthesia technician with him the entire time

measuring his heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, oxygenation, and anesthesia depth and performing fluid therapy. Madison did have a few teeth

extracted, and the remaining teeth were cleaned out beautifully. Once Madison was awake, he got many cuddles from our team and could go home that same day. Due to his age, Madison did take longer to recover from the procedure, which is natural and expected. However, the benefits afterward were rewarding. All pets will feel significantly better Before

Long before diss tracks, rap battles, and “yo mama” jokes, there was medieval “flyting.” Defined as quick exchanges of witty insults, these poetic slights were popular in England and Scotland from the 5th to 16th century. Insulting someone in verse took immense effort and quick wits, and they were undoubtedly a performance you didn’t want to miss. Despite crude language and below-the-belt potshots, flyting became entertainment for royals and was dubbed “court flyting.”While these jests are not well-documented, one flyting event made history. The iconic exchange known as “The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie” occurred in the early 16th century between William Dunbar and Walter Kennedie. The two were performing their court flyting for the Scottish King James IV. Both men were known for their intellect and clever nature, and their flyting did not disappoint. This famous dialogue featured two firsts: using fecal matter as an insult and dropping the F-bomb. Low-brow and crass, these speedy insults were simply too entertaining for even kings and queens to ignore. If you’re wondering what exactly these two “gentlemen” were saying, we’d have to admit that it would be difficult to quote without including expletives and curses. However, one tame section can be shared here. Dunbar reportedly insulted Kennedie by saying: The Original Rap Battles How Disses Became Poetry

without plaque or tartar. They’ll have reduced pain and better breath; plus, professional dental cleanings have been proven to prolong a pet’s life. If you have a senior pet that needs a dental cleaning, our team will always provide the best and safest protocol specifically made for your pet. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our doctors to discuss the most appropriate option for your furry friend.


If your cat needs extra hydration this summer, consider making your own puréed cat treats. They’re just as good as the squeezy tube treats you can get at your local pet store.


4 oz chicken (or your cat’s favorite protein)

4 tbsp water

DIRECTIONS 1. In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Add chicken and boil for 5–6 minutes or until the center is no longer pink. 2. Once chicken is cooked, cut it into small pieces. Add sliced chicken to food processor, then add 4 tbsp of water. 3. Purée the chicken and water together until it reaches a paste consistency. Avoid having any chicken chunks. 4. Pour the liquid cat treat into a plastic squeeze bottle. Cut the tip of the bottle to make the hole bigger as needed, then let your cat snack! (You can put any remaining liquid treat in the freezer for use later.)

Maggoty mutton, gorged glutton, scurrilous certain heir to Hillhouse, Rank beggar, oyster-dredger, dismal debtor on the lawn, Lily-livered, soul-shivered, cheap as slivers in the millhouse, Bard baiter, thief of nature, false traitor, devil’s spawn.

While these amusing fights were a form of entertainment, men also used them to influence the courts and improve their social profile while lowering others. So, as you can imagine, flyting could get intense (similar to rap battles and heated diss tracks).

Centuries have passed, yet some things never really change!



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Subway Has 2 Little Sisters!



Get to Know Dr. Young! Senior Pets Need Advanced Oral Care





Squeezable Cat Treats The Colorful History of Medieval Smack Talk



A Furry Hero in Mexico







Dressed in protective goggles, blue booties, and a matching vest, this incredible rescue dog became a symbol of hope in Mexico. Frida, a cheerful yellow Labrador retriever, was a devoted member of the Mexican Navy known for her search and rescue skills. Trained to find people trapped under rubble after earthquakes, Frida always worked hard to save lives. Frida became a national hero when a devastating earthquake hit Mexico City in 2017. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake took more than 300 lives and injured many more. While sifting through dangerous debris and aftershocks, Frida saved 12 people after finding them alive while uncovering more than 40 bodies during her lifesaving career.

The hero dog then traveled the world, helping countries suffering from the aftermath of disastrous earthquakes. Frida saved lives in Haiti and Ecuador before retiring from her position in 2019 at 10 years old to live the rest of her days in comfort and love. Sadly, the Mexican Navy announced Frida’s passing in November 2022 due to old age. She was 13 years old.

In her honor, a magnificent bronze statue of Frida, clad in goggles and boots, stands in front of the Mexican Navy office in Mexico City. On the day of her death, the Mexican Navy changed their Twitter banner to an illustration of Frida and spread the hashtag “#HastaSiempreFrida.” Frida will always be remembered for her lifesaving work and the hope she embodied for the entire world.

While the nation was devastated by the disaster, this smiley rescue pup brought worldwide attention to the tragedy.

Frida’s dedication (and impeccable style) quickly made her an internet celebrity, and soon, murals of the lifesaving canine graced the walls of Mexico City. Even Captain America, aka Chris Evans, gave Frida a shoutout on Twitter, adding, “What did we do to deserve dogs?”

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