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❖ Gluer Operator Finishing Department

Reports to: Finishing Department Supervisor Starting pay $18/hour | $20/hour upon completion Program

Learn to performmanual and machine operator tasks related to Make-Ready / Set-Up, Run Operation, and Maintenance of Folder-Gluer. Directs Gluer crew, and performs other related tasks as directed by management.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

• Understands Finishing Gluing order requirements by learning job specification, assessing necessary elements for gluing while following posted schedule • Learn to check flat carton blanks, verifying correct copy and product identification number, while preparing proper adhesive, window file (type/size, if required), corrugate cases, and required labels • Learn to Make-Ready / Set-Up of Folder Gluer Machine, Case Packer, Case Erector, and Case Tapper

• Learn to Make-Ready / Set-Up Corrugate Case Packing Machine

• Learn to adjust Corrugate Case Erector, case tape sealing machine, code date printer, and push off conveyor • Inspect random sample carton for Gluing Quality. Check proper pre break of working scores. Test glue bonds for application, and fiber tear. Check for torn, damaged, or bent flaps. Use micrometer to check board caliper, measure edge caliper, and score balance. Verify tightness of the corrugate packing case, and accuracy of quantity pack count.

• Will provide crew relief as required

• Verify compliance with TOPS' Packing Specifications as stated in the Factory Order


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