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Robin Lawrence: Business Owner & CEO

Stephen Lawrene, Program Director: Loves to See Clients Win

Intake Coordinator Carl Evans



Accidentally Finding Her Purpose, Counselor Felicia Abass Educates Clients by Example Valeri Hampton is ‘Part of the Solu- tion: as HOH’s Clinical Director

For James Smith HOH Counselor, It’s a 24/7 Commitment

‘Giving Back’ is Part of the Motivation for HOH Addiction Counselor Vanissa Palmer Protecting Participants During COVID: Jayden West, Administor of COVID Testing





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T he CEO and The Hope Team…As a business owner one of the most challenging things is solidifying a staff with low turn over and who has a heart to serve said Robin Lawrence (CEO of Harvest of Hope). In the field of Behavioral Health HOH CEO

it is mind blowing that everyone on her team actually LOVES what they do! She stated it’s a blessing to have staff who genuinely care about the well-being and mental stability of others. She mentioned that from our janitorial crew, administrative

staff to our clinicians everyone has the heart to serve. Robin referenced the compassion her staff has as “A Heart Thing”. From the moment participants walk in the door for intake she wants them to feel an compassionate and caring heart from the staff. She stated that you never know what people are going through and at Harvest of Hope her goal is to ensure

believes that not only does your credentials matter but you must have the heart to help. She believes that credentials are important but there must be empathy and compassion to go along with it. Robin developed the heart to serve those suffering from addiction and mental illness through a personal family testimony. She is adamant that her staff must also have the same heart in an

every participant gets 5 star service and treatment to become a productive member in society.

effort to have the best outcomes in service. She also referenced that her HR staff has been trained to know when an individual has the heart of the staff at HOH. Robin stated



Stephen Lawrence: Director Loves to See All Clients



D iversity of duties, long days filled with rewarding work, and a cheerleader and encourager, might be just a few of the apt hallmarks to describe Stephen Lawrence, Harvest of Hope’s Program Director. Lawrence oversees all aspects of the mental health program for Harvest of Hope. His duties are many, and varied and include staff development, mentoring, and training; leading weekly staff meetings for the professionals who provide the care and treatment to Harvest clients. There’s a quality assurance piece in which he diligently tends every piece of programming to ensure each component fully adheres to State and Federal regulations for the work carried out at Harvest of Hope. One of the most vital program director duties for Lawrence is the accountability to goals for the 35-50 Harvest of Hope clients. This is where words and intentions become action plans and steps to successful outcomes for every client. Accountability is where small steps become larger ones, and goals are incrementally met, until full accountability by each client for completing their treatment plan, is achieved. On any given day Lawrence might be found collaborating with community partners or reviewing the possibilities for new funding for the program which continues to expand its offerings. And none of it, says Lawrence, feels like work. Lawrence brings a treasure of education, experience, knowledge, and a great passion for the work to HOH. He earned his A.A. in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and his Master’s degree in Human Services. He

noted in a recent interview that he has been in the field for 20 years working with individuals and families before becoming a Harvest of Hope. Lawrence had a very integral role in helping bring Harvest of Hope opportunities for any clients looking for assistance. The work at HOH is endless

and Lawrence meets each task head-on. He is acutely aware of how much potential he has to be impactful on a daily basis, as a leader in the organization to the staff, the clients and their families, and support circles. He understands days of struggle and bad choices through his own experiences, and explained, “ After high school, I went the

wrong direction, got into trouble, and that kinda woke me up.” He says he has, “a passion to see programs grow and to see people grow – I love to see them all win.” Harvest of Hope has so much potential, for Baltimore and surrounding counties, said Lawrence, to create good and become more and more impactful over time. Current short-term goals in this regard are working on strategies to expand staff and helping get the word out that Harvest of Hope “has a heart for the work that we do.” “ There is so much benefit to our programs. We help our clients get stabilized in their thinking, then they find themselves doing certain things that they couldn’t have imagined in the past: get a job, get education, find a quality of life and be a productive member of society. It is so fulfilling to see clients move to the next level in their lives.”






• Individual Counseling • Group Counseling Sessions • Mens Groups • Womens Groups • Life Skills Training • Job Readiness Training • Relapse Prevention • Spirituality • Transportation Provided • Family Counseling


L auren Thorne’s every work day is brimming with must-do’s as the Harvest of Hope Office Manager and Human Resources Director: every day is completely and overflowingly full. In a recent interview, Thorne described how much of her job takes place behind the scenes, which is the way she contributes to keeping her two programs running smoothly. Thorne is able to interact with most staff and many clients in her multifaceted duties. From setting up the group rooms every morning to processing payroll and back again to managing client appointments with their care team, she has the opportunity to positively impact HOH in countless ways.

Thorne shared that she enjoys all aspects of her job, but especially when she gets to talk with clients. With each HOH client interaction, Thorne hopes she brings a moment of positivity into each client’s day.

Thorne was looking for a career change (she worked in retail and customer service in the past), when she found her current position. She felt immediately that the job description resonated with her and that her skill sets and past work and personal experiences were a good fit for herself and the organization. The HOH mission, she says, is one she wholeheartedly believes in. She applied online in late 2021, landed an interview, and was initially hired

as an Administrative Assistant; but her value was quickly recognized and she was promoted to her current roles within just two months.


L auren Thorne’s Love of LEARNING & PEOPLE Bring Her Work FULFILLMENT

“Doing something I really enjoy, Thorne shared , “is a big reason I am motivated to get up and go to work each morning. I’m not overwhelmed and look forward to going to work.” As a survivor of cancer and domestic violence, Lauren isn’t a stranger to finding her way through dark times. She’s also had close loved ones struggle with their share of substance abuse and mental illness, which she said, has helped equip her with the empathy and compassion she is glad to share with clients at Harvest of Hope. “ Everyone is different, so I need to strive to be empathetic and patient. You never know what someone else is going through,” said Thorne. Thorne says she is thankful to be a part of the Harvest of Hope organization. She describes herself as a natural helper, and her busy dual roles are a perfect fit for her helping nature. Thorne says she is naturally curious, is a lifelong learner, and is always looking for opportunities to learn something new, which is another positive aspect of her busy work responsibilities. She says she feels like she’s forever learning new concepts and ideas, while at work. Thorne is a proud college graduate and says she is eager to look into more education. She is considering going back to school for another degree in Psychology and continuing to work with youth. Thorne says she hopes to be a part of HOH for a very long time.

“Everyone is different, so I need to strive to be empathetic and patient. You never know what someone else is going through.”


Valeri Hampton Clinical Director- LCPC

Daphine Leake CSC

Carl Evans CAC-AD

Meet The "Hope "


Adrienne Washington, LCPC

Vanessa Palmer CAC

Felicia Abas CAC AD

James Smith ADT



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Intake Coordinator Carl Evans •Group and Individual Sessions

•SUD Evaluations and Treatment Plans

•SUD Authorizations



M y job is very challenging but very rewarding because I am in a very unique position, where I get to meet the participant when he/she first arrive here at HOH for treatment. When I evaluate and orientate I assess new participants needs, wants, hopes and fears. Then explain what the program has to offer, the phase of treatment, treatment protocol and structure. In process of informing them of program expectations I also tell them of what they can accomplish. The seed is planted with the guides of Counselors, Therapists, and the Staff of HOH I get to see them grow from start to

finish. That's my reward and that's why I love my job!!


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WILLIAM JACKSON in the Lab and With HOH Clients is “Intuitively at Ease”

W illiam Jackson began work as a Lab Technician three years ago for Harvest of Hope, though his connection with the organization goes back much further. William had experienced his share of life’s struggles in his past, and now uses his life and his time in a new way, without the use of drugs and alcohol. William was awarded his Lab Technician position following the completion of his program at HOH as a client, and the rest, as they say, is his new history. Among William’s day-to-day, primary responsibilities are ensuring that the assigned specimens recommended by the counselors are collected, completed, and documented, from start to finish. His days are all full, and he said in a recent interview that he finds his work especially rewarding when he gets a chance to connect with someone from his past. He gets plenty of one-on-one time with clients, often in moments where they are not within their program schedule, which can sometimes allow for some candid, “real talk” conversations. This is where William hopes he’s making the most impact at work. Connecting with clients is something William says comes “intuitively, and with ease” for him. The clients, he noted, seem to sense he really understands where they’re at, and often feel immediately safe to say what is exactly on their minds. He is grateful and proud that most of the HOH clients he works with feel as though they can safely open up to him and share their moments, successes, and struggles. William feels for anyone employed by HOH, leading by example is one of the most important ways to make an impact. He says being an example of positive change, can demonstrate to clients who are early in their recovery, that life can not only be different, but be better.

“The best way to succeed is to just get up and try.” -WILLIAM JACKSON

“The best way to succeed is to just get up and try,” William said in reference to how he stays motivated even on the work days which might test him. William considers himself a deeply spiritual individual and spends much of his time outside of work strengthening his relationship with his higher power. William expresses he is full of gratitude for his progress in life and feels he has Harvest of Hope to thank for so much of it. He sees himself continuing his work there for a long time. The mission and values of HOH resonate, he stated, with where he’s at now and would like to grow into, in the future. He states he has a deep appreciation for his team; he knows how hard everyone works to guide clients towards their own joy and freedom from substance abuse. He is especially thankful for the leadership at Harvest of Hope

and says he will continue to do his utmost to help the organization continue to realize its goals and vision for the organization, its clients, and its staff.


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H arvest of Hope’s Certified Addiction Counselor Felicia Abass says she “accidentally” started her counseling career after finishing her bachelor’s degree, with the initial goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. Abass said in a recent interview she had trouble finding a great fit in the PA profession and her friend suggested she think about becoming a counselor. At first, Abass rejected the idea – it was not what she had in mind, as far as her career goes. But her friend was insistent she would be great if she would give it a try. Eventually, Felicia decided to investigate her career possibilities. However, once she committed to becoming an Addiction Counselor and started work, it did not take much for her to realize she had found one of her major purposes in life. She has been at Harvest of Hope for three years and says now she is so grateful for how she is encouraged to grow and constantly learn new skills. Growing up in the projects in Bronx, New York, Felicia explained she was no stranger to the effects of substance abuse, after watching many neighbors and friends fall prey to the crack epidemic. She knew from a young age she wanted more and committed to herself she would create a life she is proud of - has kept that promise to herself and her three sons. She relates to her clients, “I have my own struggles. I could have been one needle away from my own substance abuse problems. I make choices and actions to keep me where I want to be.” Seeing firsthand the effects of addiction can take not only on an individual but their family as well as a major philosophy she shares with her daily Harvest of Hope groups. While drug education is the basis of the work her groups

BY EXAMPLE Counselor Felicia Abass Educates Clients F inding Her PURPOSE, Accidentally


“I have my own struggles. I could have been one needle away from my own substance abuse problems. I make choices and actions to keep me where I want to be.” -FELICIA ABASS

undertake, she says makes sure to layer in how drugs take a toll on all parts of an addict’s life. Abass says she often asks her clients to consider this: “Think about if you’d rather be bored, or have your teeth,” when discussing the physical side effects and the restlessness of drugs and their addictiveness. Abass says she tries to instill the idea to her clients, of putting in the work to make foundational, long-term changes in one’s life, especially when the work is tiring or tedious, “You can’t just stand there and look at the hoop that needs to be jumped through.” Most importantly, Abass says, she hopes her clients can hear her voice during moments they most need to feel encouragement and support. She not only wants to educate them but also hopes that they feel there is someone who believes in them.



By Andrew Caudill

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Your honor to her, great and might as you keep your word, failing

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to see your dignity and self respect lost in your world.

Good times you had or so you thought, now in hindsight they most definately were not. Bad times come getting worse more and more, believing good times will return with delusions of Grandeaur. Sickness and in health till death do you part as your health comes apart. The sickness you from the depths within, only to return over and over again. Seperation from her you feel you will never beable to endure, hoping and praying she will soon return. Richer or poorer, these are the words you spoke, with never the thought you would be lonely, sick and broke. Giving your all with everything spent, only to awake with not a single cent.






• Healthcare Facility & Clinical Operations • Behavioral Healthcare • Occupational Healthcare • Individual and Family Therapy • Healthcare Staffing & Administrative Staffing • Medication Services • Continuing Evaluation and Treatment • Outpatient Mental Health Care • Healthcare Demand Management • Research and Development MISSION AT WORK The work of HHS is deeply rooted in a mission that guides our work, day after day, and year after year. From the beginning, our mission has always required us to reach beyond the activities of a normal business day to see and understand the lives of our patients, the importance of targeting the emotional stability of the child, and the importance of extending our focus to the family as the basic unity of the community. This is to ensure the child maintains optimal levels of functioning.

Founded in Woodlawn, Maryland in 1999, Hope Health Systems is a private, for-profit organization with more than twenty years of experience in providing direct mental health, substance abuse, and community support services to adults, children, and adolescent clients in institutional and outpatient settings in Maryland. In addition to clinical treatment services, HHS also provides administrative management and research consulting services (as listed in our core competencies). HHS is accredited through The Joint Commission, formerly known as JCAHO (Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organization). It is also accredited through CARF and certified through the MDOT as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). In early 2015, HHS received Deemed Status certification from the state of Maryland.



Daphine Leake

Substance Abuse COUNSELOR

M y name is Daphine Leake I am a substance abuse counselor. I have a CSC-AD and preparing to sit for my CAC-AD soon. THE MOST important thing in counseling is the relationship. There has to be an understanding that the journey we are embarking upon is a lot of work. The participant and all parties has to work together to get the results which is a clean a sober life. If you don't feel connected to your Counselor, this is okay. Counselors don't take it personal, we understand the importance of you connecting with us, and we will always understand that you are the most important person in this process and we want to see you make it. I love what I do at Harvest of Hope because my purpose is to encourage, uplift and motivate and it feels good to help make a difference in someone’s life in a positive way.


“THE MOST important thing in counseling is the relationship. There has to be an understanding that the journey we are embarking upon is a lot of work.”


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IS ‘PART OF THE SOLUTION,’ Valeri Hampton “This isn’t just a job for me. People aren’t paychecks. It makes a huge difference to know that someone cares when you’re trying to find

your way out of the darkness.” - Valeri Hampton



“I ndividuals in Baltimore are not being served the way they deserve. I have always felt the need and passion to be a resource, a part of the solution,” said Valeri Hampton, Harvest of Hope’s Clinical Director. The fire within her to serve her community also comes from a personal place, she said in a recent interview, with a loved one struggling with mental illness throughout their life. Hampton brings 25 years in the behavioral health field to Harvest of Hope, along with her passion and desire to serve the dual-diagnosed community in the inner-city, which she also feels has been neglected and underserved for too long. She began her career as a licensed Mental Health Therapist, focusing on substance abuse disorders. She felt the desire to learn more about behavioral health, to help her better understand and better support her loved one, which in turn, has helped bring her to her key position at HOH today. “I just want to give somebody else hope,” she expressed when asked about her motivations in her work. “Reach one, teach one,” is a motto she lives by, believing an individual can be a part of a domino effect of well-being if they share their knowledge and strength: when someone is reached with help, knowledge or motivation, then reaches out and touches another’s life, the domino effect is borne.

“This isn’t just a job for me. People aren’t paychecks. It makes a huge difference to know that someone cares when you’re trying to find your way out of the darkness,” Hampton said. Hampton recognizes all people are unique and no two people have the same story or trajectory which brings them to the doors of Harvest of Hope. She acknowledged, “ The only thing constant is change,” which makes the wrap-around services at Harvest of Hope an even more valuable resource to ensure clients do not fall through the service cracks. The cracks happen when services are not coordinated, not accessible, not affordable, or not even located where they once were. Hampton says she has seen ‘too often’ the challenges and frustrations of trying to connect the service dots when assisting clients with medical, mental health, substance use, and social services needs in different locations. Palmer says, because Harvest of Hope has all of these resources available in one place when people are in the most need, HOH is a tremendous asset in their ability to serve their community well. Hampton expresses she has the utmost respect for Harvest of Hope, for all her co- workers and leadership, and remains excited to be an integral part of the important work taking place at HOH now and the “great things ahead.”


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It is a 24/7 Commitment JAMES SMITH FOR HOH Counselor,

J ames Smith, Harvest of Hope Counselor, says he made a pact with God over 20 years ago when he was sitting in a prison cell, tired and sick of where he was and how he felt, after using drugs and alcohol for the past two decades. In a recent interview, James said he was a long-time IV drug user, who kept finding himself in situations he knew was not his purpose.

This was no light-hearted promise. When James had closure on his final, toughest, substance abuse-induced scenario, he made good on his pact. From his own hellish saga, James can look back from his own experience, to today, to the help and service he has provided to others, and he says he is proud of his journey. dedicate my life to helping other addicts just like me.” -JAMES SMITH “I made a pact with God then, that if he saw me through this, I would


It’s important to James that his clients understand he is coming from a similar place, and that he appreciates what it means to be a part of their community. He says his clients and the community as a whole, often look down on or resist reaching out for help, even when it’s needed most. He also ensures each client feels they can reach out to him anytime - his work does not end when he goes home: “It’s a 24/7 commitment.” He’s an “encourager” in his work. James works to inspire his clients to never give up, especially when they feel their situation is unfixable. Two of James’ mottos he says he shares often when all feels hopeless, are: “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens,” and “When you’re ready, the teacher will appear.” It’s easy to hear James’ dedication and passion for his job when he speaks about it; the work he says is something he would do even if a paycheck wasn’t involved. On tough days, he reminds himself to continue practicing the patience and tolerance with himself that he strives to show his clients. James says Harvest of Hope is a perfect fit for him because he knows his colleagues working alongside him share the same level of motivation he does. Everyone, he noted, goes above and beyond every day, and he holds implicit trust in his co-workers, which allows him to do his best work. James’ commitment to addiction and mental health counseling is solid. His future goals include continuing his education with a second Master’s degree in addiction and mental health counseling, so he can better serve his community with the best practices and knowledge available.

Open House


“One of the anointed voices in the body of Christ.”

44 44

P astor Stephen Lawrence is a new fresh novel and one of the anointed voices in the body of Christ. He combines a passion for people who are hurting and a keen understanding of business and entrepreneurship with an uncanny ability to preach and teach the word of God with relevancy. Pastor Lawrence is positioned to bring much needed change through the power of christ. Weather married or unmarried, rich or poor, employed or unemployed, educated or uneducated, peoples souls are being saved and spirits renewed through the anointing on his life. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, young Stephen surrounded himself with the wrong crowd, but God had a greater plan. This plan would lead to a life dedicated to ministry and the community. Pastor Lawrence holds an associate degree in early childhood education from Baltimore City Community College; he attended the University of Baltimore to complete his degree in psychology and received his master’s in human services from Lincoln University. He is a graduate of Baltimore School of The Bible. Pastor Lawrence has over 15 years of experience in ministry and the human services field. STEPHEN LAWRENCE; PASTOR

He has been involved with community outreach, employment, development, and family counseling. Taking his call to outreach to the next level, he along with Partners of Abundent Harvest continue to feed the homeless and bless those who are less fortunate. After years of ministering to those in church, pastor Lawrence followed his heart and began ministering to the “un- churched”. It was out of this hunger and vision that Abundent Harvest Ministries was birthed in September 2008. Pastor Lawrence is currently under the tutelage of Dr. R.A. Vernon of the Word Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Pastor Lawrence is also connected to the Alliance of Covenant Pastor alongside Apostle Ruby C. Gilliam. With both economically and spiritually empower people, Abundant Harvest Ministries is meeting the needs of the Baltimore community with practical, bible-based teaching. Pastor Lawrence believes the unprecedented problems of Baltimore for unprecedented ministry. a vision to


‘Giving Back’ IS PART OF THE Motivation for HOH Addiction Counselor VANESSA PALMER

H arvest of Hope Counselor, Vanessa Palmer, is the embodiment of dedication to her calling and her responsibilities, as an Addiction Counselor. Her job is far from work, it is her craft and her profession. In a recent interview, Palmer discussed her work ethic and her relentless pre-planning for each day. She shared her schedule for work every day, which looks pretty similar to this: arrive at HOH at least an hour before her first class, and stay after, as needed, to ensure her topic of the day is thoroughly planned out, materials ready, and most importantly, she is available throughout her day, to her clients. “I come in early, and I stay late. I love my job,” she shared. One of the principal reasons she is so happy with her work and her position at Harvest of Hope is because of her colleagues. Palmer noted that she and her colleagues share a comparable level of motivation and passion for their work. Palmer said she sees and feels her teammate’s same 110 percent daily efforts, as they collaboratively work with each client toward each client’s success. She said having a shared vision and mission motivates everyone to strive harder to achieve and assist all clients who come through the HOH doors, with hopes and dreams of a sober and better future. Highly educated, with multiple social services and counseling degrees, Palmer brings her education to the classroom each day, yes, but also her own




experiences to share with her clients. Palmer says using her training and education to implement modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective, but also understands by sharing her own 31 years of being clean and sober, helps get her lessons across.

Palmer said her counseling touches on key issues such as triggers, cravings, guilt, and shame, all things she knows her clients face continuously not only in their early stages in recovery but throughout their program and their lives. “I try to be an example so they (clients) can see they don’t have to use. They like my message,” Palmer discussed when asked about the kind of impact she makes during her days at HOH. Before her HOH role, she worked with children with dual diagnoses, which she noted, brings additional depth to her work. Palmer shared her motivation to get up and do her job well, every day:

Vanessa is grateful there is a space like Harvest of Hope which provides wrap-around services so their clients don’t get lost in the shuffle when trying to access resources in the early days of their recovery. Harvest of Hope’s philosophy, approach, and curriculum design are several of the many ‘huge reasons’ Palmer says she radiates toward this kind of program. She likes knowing she’s a part of providing holistic care and is proud of the “great benefit” Harvest of Hope brings to their community. “It’s important for me to give back what was so freely given to me, to help another suffering addict like me.”


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Therapy THROUGH ART Stephenae’ Lawrence, Art and Music PSYCHOLOGY INTERN

O ur art and music therapy makes a difference with intern Steph and Ms. Kathy LCSW-S for art and music therapist at Harvest of Hope. Stephenae’ Lawrence is a student at Stevenson University, majoring in psychology and minoring in small business and entrepreneurship. She plans on being a therapist or a nurse practitioner. “I’m supposed to graduate in three years, but I’m going to try to make it two!” she says enthusiastically. On top of that, she is a psych intern under the tutelage of Ms. Kathy LCSW-S for art and music therapist at Harvest of Hope. Stephenae’ shares, “Harvest of Hope is very family-oriented.” She means this in two ways. First, that Harvest of Hope treats its participants like a loving family, and second, she literally is family! She is the daughter

She started working at Harvest of Hope when it opened three years ago but only began interning three months ago. When asked what she did when HOH first opened, she laughs and says, “At first, my job was doing the stuff that no one else wanted to do! Mostly paperwork.” She is very impressed with what HOH offers. “They help with substance abuse recovery, COVID testing; they even offer acupuncture—it’s my favorite, I’ve tried it. The meditation and breathing exercises are so relaxing; I fell asleep!” HOH recently relocated to a new three-story office building, where counseling and therapy take place. Stephenae’ loves therapy through art and music. “For art therapy, we may draw a picture of a sunset and trees. We recently did a session called ‘Ways to relax,’ where they would draw a place they would want to go to relax, or a place they’ve been before. We talk about colors and what they mean.” When asked if she’s seen talented artists come through the program, she answers, “Yes! There are a couple of participants here who do a really good job—probably better

of founder P a s t o r St ephen Lawrence and CEO Robin Lawrence.


than me!”

Though Stephenae’ plays piano and saxophone, the music therapy portion is all about singing. When asked what she loves the most about her job, she answers, “My favorite part is interacting with the clients. Honestly, it makes my day. We have a good time with art therapy and music therapy. They respond well and enjoy themselves. Our art and music therapy makes a difference, calms them, soothes them, gets their mind off things, and distracts them from stress.” And she notices the progress of the participants. “I see a big difference; they start to open up more when they start therapy and begin to express how they are feeling—they interact more.” On top of her busy schedule with school and internship work, Stephenae is CEO of her own clothing brand—TrendSetters, a fashion web store that sells graphic tees, stacked pants (her favorite!), jewelry, sports clothes, and more! Stephenae’ is a very busy young woman with big dreams and an even bigger heart.



C A l v i n b a k e r

M y name is Adrienne Washington and I am the Rehabilitation Specialist for the PRP Adult and PRP Minors programs here at Harvest of Hope. Working with this organization has been a real eye opener. I have learned so much about the business and myself. But most of all it has been a true pleasure working with the clients. Seeing the smiles

on their faces and hearing their stories of daily struggles and triumphs has been life changing. The clients remind me of why I do this job and they reassure me that God has led me down this

path for a reason. Harvest of Hope has changed lives and I pray that there will be nothing but more success stories to come because that’s what this is all about. WASHINGTON Adrienne Rehabilitation Specialist


CONTACT US TODAY! harvestofhopebh.com 720 Maiden Choice Ln,Condo C Catonsville, MD 21228 443.334.5732

Family Therapy in Addiction Addiction takes a toll on the entire family, creating pain, sadness, and isolation. Maintaining relationships in the midst of addiction can be difficult, frustrating, and even scary. We understand where you are and we want to help you change the situation and begin the healing process while your loved one is completing his or her drug and alcohol rehab program. The primary objectives of our Family Therapy is to provide more information about the disease of addiction, explore family roles and address family conflict, develop healthy communication skills and boundary setting and to begin the healing process.

K atrina Wilson, the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Coordinator at Harvest of Hope, credits her experience as a twelve-year U.S. Airforce veteran for her motivation to serve others. In a recent interview, she expressed how often her military experience carries over into her work at HOH. She understands how her

outcomes. Kids have always been drawn to Wilson, for many reasons; she stated she almost innately, “knows how to meet them at their level.” Katrina earned her Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science because she has always been drawn to, and interested in, how people

nature to commit to completion of all assigned tasks, also helps her clients achieve success in their wellness journeys – and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. Wilson is passionate about providing children and young adults with the tools she felt were neglected to be taught to her generation while growing up.

work, and why they do the things they do. She continued on to earn her Master’s in Social Work because she knew she could use her community-oriented mindset to benefit others: “This kind of work is what I would do for free.” She speaks clearly about the impact of a pandemic and the collective trauma all humans are currently facing. Wilson knows

Practical things like, how to pay your bills, and how to learn the acceptance of hard emotions, are two examples she feels are key to great

if she can be a bright light for at least one person during hard times, then she’s in the right place, doing what she’s meant to do.

Katrina Wilson MILITARY VETERAN Uses Airforce Experience for the Good


Her current day-to-day HOH schedule involves checking in with her clients, learning what their needs are, and how she can promote and support them in

reaching their goals. Sometimes, Wilson

said, she and clients will, for example, talk about

emotional regulation if the client is dealing with a challenging scenario. In these types of

teachable moments, she will walk them through situations

that help equip them with new types of tools to better allow

the client to be in charge, and to negotiate inevitable hard moments, without substances.

Katrina sees herself working within Harvest of Hope to help her achieve her personal goal of someday opening a community center like she had when she was younger. She visualizes her someday community center to be a safe place for any community youth to come in, to feel welcome, to get their homework done, play video games, enjoy their peers, and access as many resources as Katrina “can get her hands on.” She loves her job, and her team, and is grateful every day to be working towards Harvest of Hope’s vision and mission, because it aligns closely with the way she wants to contribute to the world.

ROB CARTER Puts His “God-Instilled Passion” to Work as Harvest of Hope’s Marketing Manager “God-Instilled Passion”

Harvest of Hope Marketing Manager Rob Carter grew up in urban Baltimore city and credits both times spent in “negative activities” and a “wife who understood help was needed,” for giving him the foundation and wings to deeply appreciate and excel in his human services work. For more than 17 years Carter put his

Although Carter’s Harvest of Hope Marketing Manager title is a new one, his primary duties are not: he’s building and bridging on pre-established community connections and partnerships from his former position with the same goal: to help to create wider access for the clients through deeper collaboration with businesses and organizations, while also

“God-instilled passion” to work not only as a First Responder fireman, but on the side, as a human services professional, helping those with mental health and addiction issues access services, work toward wellness, and realize a more self-directed and fulfilled life. The human services side “job” is what Carter describes as his “passion work, sharing, “It never feels like a job at all.” When Harvest of Hope opened its’ doors in early May 2019, Carter was there to help and support the launch of the

expanding community awareness of Harvest of Hope in the wide Maryland catchment area it serves. One of the hallmarks of Harvest of Hope’s program is its’ philosophy of care. The care is the way an individual is introduced to the comprehensive program. According to Carter, Harvest staff assess, and always address, the most immediate needs first. “If they are hungry, we feed them first,” Carter said in a recent interview. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is intrinsic to the organization’s Golden Rule. The most immediate, the most pressing,

new organization, which provides wrap- around services for those suffering from mental health and addiction issues, but also, just as often, from homelessness, food insecurity, lack of a basic support network, and/or isolation. Carter notes, “It’s definitely about having the correct resources to get a good, positive outcome. In some sense, we’re helping to build a new person from scratch.”

of a participant’s needs are comprehensively addressed first and foremost, prior to the next steps in developing their treatment and care plan are undertaken. The programming to support this philosophy is in place. “Many of the clients as not,” said Carter, “enter the PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) immediately following initial assessment,” for 21-28 days, so foundational health issues are addressed and stabilized. CONTINUE READING > > >


“There are many more great things to come, just watch!”


Harvest of Hope moved in August 2021 to a more centralized location, which Carter describes as a “wider focus point.” Clients from Baltimore city can still easily get to Harvest of Hope, but the new location at 720 Maiden Choice in Catonsville, MD, now affords a closer entry point for clients and their families from the south-southwest part of Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties. Carter discussed some of the holistic offerings Harvest of Hope makes available to their clients such as art therapy, and acupuncture classes. He noted the staff is always, “working feverishly” to bring in more resources and is currently focusing on the expansion of medical services for clients. “There are many more great things to come, just watch!”



Physical Health We believe that the physical aspect of recovery from addiction is often neglected or minimized. It is a

great accomplishment to stay clean and sober for any period. However, a healthy recovery is a balance of the mind, body and spirit. Before embarking upon the physical component of any recovery program, it is imperative that the recovering individual obtain an accurate and comprehensive assessment of his current health status.


harvestofhopebh.com 443.334.5732

720 Maiden Choice Ln,Condo C Catonsville, MD 21228

H arvest of Hope’s Billing Specialist, Tiffany Jackson, says she is

but she takes her job very seriously, knowing any error on her end could cause delays in revenue.

a family person more than anything else. All which she undertakes in life, she says, is motivated by the love and care she has for her family. Tiffany’s family- oriented outlook on life is also something she carries with her each morning when she heads into work. She considers Harvest of Hope and her co-workers, her extended family, “they are my home away from home.” Currently, the only Billing Specialist in her department, Jackson’s

While understanding people must come first, she is equally realistic about the importance of ensuring the bills get paid. Jackson emphasizes the importance of her work being done well and always completed with the highest degree of accuracy. It was in 2014 that Jackson

became interested in the idea of billing as a career that she would not only enjoy, but excel in. She noted there is just ‘something about the intricacies of it all,’ which resonates well in her brain. From this realization, she sought to learn more. She enrolled in school and once there, she completed her degree, while also being affirmed that her career choice was exactly the right

role is indispensable to the success of the organization. “I keep the money flowing!” she laughs,

Tiffany Jackson FILLS THE BILLING DEPT. WITH Her Family-Oriented Outlook & Service Mentality

choice. She was elated when an opportunity opened for a Billing Specialist at Harvest of Hope, this was the perfect opportunity for her to marry her career choice with her deep values of helping others. Jackson loves all aspects of her job and her HOH family, although, she admitted in a recent interview, there are some times and some days when she needs a little extra motivation – like all of us. Tiffany’s mantra on those days is, “I shall have a blessed and productive day today!” and powers her mantra with the drive to be as productive as possible, and - with a smile on her face She also says she remembers to be grateful, always, for so many things in life such as her family and good health. When Jackson looks into her future, she

sees continued growth at Harvest of Hope, so the program can continue to reach more individuals in need of their services. She understands there’s a need for the program to grow, so she and

her team can provide their dual- diagnosis services, in a holistic way, to as many as possible. She’s looking forward to seeing her department also grow, and would love to be instrumental in the development of a more robust billing team. When not

crunching the numbers at HOH, Jackson says she spends as much time as possible with her husband and kids. Jackson says she loves to cook and read to unwind and practices her spirituality, both individually and within her church activities.


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