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MAY 2020

P erseverance is hard to learn if you don’t have the right people to teach you. I know that’s true for me. My doctorate and practice in dentistry would not be possible without two women in my life: my mother and my wife. Many people like to talk about how they opened their business in their very first newsletter, but for our first edition, I couldn’t miss a chance to talk about how these incredible women have changed my life. I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and while we didn’t live in the poorest neighborhoods, our area still struggled with gun violence. It put a lot of pressure on parents, especially single parents like my mother. At 5 feet, 1 inch tall, my mother is an imposing and powerful presence. I remember every single morning she’d prepare and force us to eat a full Jamaican breakfast. This wasn’t Wheaties and milk; it was an entire meal, like salted codfish, ackee, and flour or cornmeal dumplings (the official dish of Jamaica). She knew that education was really the best way out and that we needed the right food for our brains to work. She wanted me to be better than others rather than someone who simply didn’t do anything. “Whatever you do, do it well,” she’d tell me. I see now that it was her way of pushing us to succeed. There was never a moment she wasn’t invested in our future. My favorite memories of us were when I’d sit at the dinner table and show her my homework. Hearing her say, “That’s really great,” or, “You did a great job, Corie,” inspired me to keep showing my mom that I could do well at school. ‘WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT WELL’ HOW THE MOTHERS IN DR. CORIE’S LIFE CONTINUE TO INSPIRE HIM

When it comes to school, my wife was also a big influence on me getting my doctorate and even opening Comfort Family Dental. She is an OB-GYN and section chief at the University of Chicago. She’s incredibly smart — a lot smarter than I am! — which is much needed in the Rowe household. Our 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son are busy all day long with school, after-school programs, and sports. Without my wife’s daily perseverance, grace, and willingness to emotionally and financially support me through Comfort Family Dental’s humble beginnings, I wouldn’t have the amazing team and clinic I have today. My mother and my education imbued a lot of perspective on being a parent today. I love discovery, curiosity, and helping my kids realize they truly have gifts. When you have a gift, you should dive into it and maximize your full potential. At home, we always try to keep our kids aware that these gifts shouldn’t make you “big-headed,” either. Playing well with others is important. Compassion is important. Those kinds of values have been with me throughout my whole life. They play a big role in making Comfort Family Dental a place where you feel safe and taken care of. We hope you’ll trust our expert team to keep you and your family’s smiles as healthy as ever.

– Dr. Corie Rowe

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