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THE MAYOR’S MESSAGE J ustin B erns , M ayor W elcome to our State of the City report, coming to you with good news about Beachwood’s progress and its new developments. What lies on these pages reflects the hard work of our entire city staff, a number totaling approximately 260 full-time and permanent part-time employees and roughly 150 seasonal employees in the summer. In cooperation with City Council, we have been able to provide our residents with new and exciting programs and services. Operating a city is unlike many other commercial enterprises – many of our departments function on a 24/7 basis or are on call during that type of time frame. Also, holidays can be working days for many of us. This points to the obvious, but nonetheless critical aspect to operating a city, that we are always here proudly serving you, the residents and businesses. What we are trying to stress within these pages is: • How tax dollars are judiciously deployed • How we are upgrading what’s outdated • How we are responsive to needs throughout the community and to all of our constituents • How we have been recognized and rewarded for our hard work by outside governing bodies, and • What’s new and coming to you later this year We hope you take some time to consider the content here and come away reassured that you made a great decision to locate your home or business in Beachwood.

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AUDIT D EPARTMENT Harvey Rose, Audit Director Overview: The Audit Department provides objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the City of Beachwood’s operations. The department evaluates risk exposures relating to the city’s governance, operations and information systems in relation to: • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations • Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information • Safeguarding of assets • Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts State Recognition: The city received the “Auditor of State Award of Distinction” in 2022. The award is presented to local governments upon the completion of a financial audit and meet the criteria of a clean audit based on each city’s superior record keeping which demonstrates a commitment to efficient, effective and transparent service. It reveals the city’s elevated level of diligence required to keep finances in order. Checks: Reviewed 3,444 checks totaling $22,235,305. Taxes: Reviewed $35,029,362 in municipal income taxes.

The audit was completed and the distinction was awarded in 2022. It is represented by a sticker for the fiscal year, which was 2021.

State of the City

DEPARTMENT William Griswold, Building Commissioner BUILDING

Technology Upgrades: The City of Beachwood’s Building Department implemented a series of technology upgrades over the past year for increased department efficiency. Video inspections were added for a variety of inspection types, allowing a four-hour notice to accommodate contractors scheduling while on-site and helping projects progress on their timeline. Permitting and inspection software was updated to Municity5’s cloud-based system, supported by ICC Community Development Solutions. Avalon is being used to digitize existing blueprint plans while Laserfiche was added for online document storage and plan review. Looking ahead, the department will be launching an online portal with Municity5 that will streamline workflow by allowing contractors access via an online account. State Recognition: The Building Department was awarded a 2022 Honorable Mention by the State of Ohio’s Board of Building Standards, a division of the Ohio Department of Commerce. There are 331 Building Departments in Ohio. One overall winner was recognized in the state with only two Honorable Mentions being awarded. To be mentioned as one of the three best in the state is a testament to the effort and contributions put forth daily by the department. Major Projects: The following projects are either completed or in-progress: UH Ahuja Hospital, 3800 Park East - The Hiatus Apartments, Trailhead Biosystems and Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic. New Residential Construction: A total of 17 new single-family dwellings were constructed. Rental Properties: The Building Department inspects single- family rental properties annually. There is a total of 129 properties registered with the city at a $500 fee per registration. Revenue: Total revenue was over $1,530,253. Most of the revenue came from commercial and industrial construction, in addition to contractor registrations. Staffing: The department hired two new Building Inspectors and two new Administrative Assistants.

City of Beachwood

Derek Schroeder, Community Services Director New Winter Festival: The Community Services COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT

By The Numbers: The Community Services Department totaled 6,782 program participants, 51,814 aquatic center visits, 2,843 aquatic center members, 489 Barkwood members and countless special event attendees throughout 2022. Increased Digital Presence: In an effort to communicate with the public effectively on a daily basis, the department expanded their digital presence to promote recreational programming and special events. The Community Services Department enhanced its website at, launched a Facebook page (@BeachwoodOHRec) and started a recreation-specific email newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter at While the recreation guide will continue being printed and mailed to homes, these new methods allow for more regular updates and opportunities. By the end of 2022, the Facebook page has grown to 1,175 followers and had an annual total post reach of 109,433. The website,, was viewed over 11,000 times. Online Camp Registration: During the fourth quarter of 2022, staff developed a new online summer camp registration process. With the elimination of paper documents, parents can now register from home and staff can more easily access camper information.

Department added a new special event titled February Freeze. The family-friendly outdoor winter festival features music, activities, entertainment and the city’s only fireworks display. The cost of entry is simply a non-perishable food donation to Harvest for Hunger. The inaugural event hosted over 500 attendees with a full pickup truck of donations. The department plans to innovate and grow the event annually with new surprises each year. Fall Fest Kickoff Concert: A new live concert was added to the Fall Fest weekend. Escape, the Journey tribute band, kicked off the festivities on Saturday night in front of a large crowd outside the Beachwood Community Center. Fitness Park: On June 29, Beachwood’s Fitness Park was revealed to the public. The exercise amenity features a sleek, modern fitness court with a supporting mobile app by the National Fitness Campaign in addition to body-weight style exercise machines. The equipment is ideal for all ages and easily modified for all fitness levels. The project stands out with a distinct public art wall with artwork titled “Five Seasons in Ohio” by local artist Eileen Dorsey. Playground Grant: The city received a $700,000 grant from the county for a future playground project. The planning phase is underway with the project anticipated for 2024.

The Fitness Park located in City Park East.

The 2022 Fall Festival. Photography by Discovery Photo. State of the City

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Catherine Bieterman, Economic Development Director

Departmental Initiatives: The City of Beachwood formalized a new Economic Development Department. It was established in an effort to form a collaboration between businesses, government and community stakeholders in order to leverage resources and implement the city’s economic development strategy and support initiatives within the city’s master plan. Economic Development Strategic Plan: The city’s economic development strategy includes a broad range of activities aimed at attracting, creating and retaining jobs as well as to foster a resilient pro-growth and inclusive economy. The approach to this includes formalizing a strong business retention and expansion program, marketing, entrepreneur and small business development, real estate development, revitalization and land-reuse. This also involves looking closely at the need for economic development tools and determining the best and optimal uses for incentives. Trailhead BioSystems: In Commerce Park, a laboratory and facility build-out began at the new headquarters and operations building for Trailhead Biosystems, Inc. The company has developed a revolutionary platform for generating specialized human cells for use in therapeutic cell development, drug discovery, organ-on-a-chip development, 3D organ printing and human disease modeling. The company is bringing in 22 employees with a payroll of $1.77 million. GE Current: On Science Park Drive, GE Current, under the name Current Lighting Solutions, brought operations to 25825 Science Park, including 115 employees and an associated payroll of $14.5 million. Current is a versatile, customer-driven lighting solutions company serving businesses and partners around the globe. With the industry’s widest selection of advanced lighting and intelligent controls, the company creates safer, efficient, inspired environments powered by smart, sustainable technologies. Porsche Beachwood: On Orange Place, the Porsche Dealership

The GE Current ribbon cutting ceremony in April.

Cathy Bieterman being sworn in on September 6.

chose a larger Beachwood location for its new, expanded facility on 6.5 acres. Penske Automotive Group went before City Council with plans to move the business from its current address, 25855 Chagrin Blvd., and to revitalize the site at the former Marriott Fairfield Inn. The new building, at 34 feet in height, will measure just over 57,000 square feet, and the site will include a second building for auto detailing that will occupy a little more than 6,600 square feet. 35 new jobs will be added. Former DoubleTree Site Project: On Park East Drive, a rezoning has taken place on a multi-million-dollar redevelopment project. In an effort to support this project’s advancement as one of the largest mixed-use developments in Northeast Ohio, the city has completed a collaboration with the developer, My Place, and the final plans call for a demolition on the former DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and the construction of a complex of buildings in a new mixed-use development.

City of Beachwood

FINANCE DEPARTMENT Larry Heiser, Finance Director General Fund: In 2022, General Fund revenue increased by 5.1% and expenditures increased by 3.8%, which resulted in a General Fund balance increase from $31.5 million to $33 million. Sanitary Sewer Projects: Capital investment in sanitary sewer/storm water projects was $3.1 million in 2022 with an additional Green-Bryden storm sewer project that started in late December at a cost of $1.4 million, to be completed in early 2023. Distinctions: The city once again received the “Auditor of State Award of Distinction.” This award is presented to local governments upon the completion of a financial audit and meeting the criteria of a clean audit. This is based on each city’s superior record keeping which demonstrates a commitment to efficient, effective and transparent service. It reveals the city’s elevated level of diligence required to keep finances in order.

The city also maintained its Aaa rating from Moody’s with new guidelines put in place after addressing monetary concerns related to disruptions from the pandemic.

State of the City


Steven Holtzman, Fire Chief

By The Numbers: 5,528 Total Calls

4,293 EMS Calls 131 MVA’s (Motor Vehicle Accident) 55 SWAT Calls

1,026 Fire Calls 3 HAZMAT Calls 20 Tech Rescue Calls

Department Accomplishments: • Ordered a new Pierce Ladder Truck • Ordered a new Lifeline Rescue Squad • Received Mission Lifeline Gold Award from The American Heart Association • Increased department staffing by 3 Firefighter/Paramedics • Approved and began implementation of traffic preemption for the city, making emergency response faster and safer for all city first responders • Received FEMA grant for the purchase of a new $58,000 breathing air compressor used for providing safe breathing air for firefighters when entering atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health • 40 members of the Fire Department completed training in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care • 7 members completed the training and are working to obtain their State of Ohio Certifications as Fire Instructors • 3 members trained with Cuyahoga County EMA to operate as Trainers for Rescue Task Force

New Lifeline Rescue Squad

2022 Mission: Lifeline ® EMS Recognition

The American Heart Association proudly recognizes

The City of Beachwood Fire Department Beachwood, OH

Mission: Lifeline® - EMS - GOLD PLUS

Achievement Award - EMS Agency

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Associations recognizes this EMS provider organization for demonstrating continued success in using the Mission Lifeline ® program. Thank you for applying the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment guidelines to improve patient care and outcomes in the community you serve.*

Nancy Brown Chief Executive Officer American Heart Association

Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM, FAHA President American Heart Association

*For more information, please visit

Dalya’s Firefighter for the Day experience.

City of Beachwood

HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT Dana Canzone, Human Resources Administrator The primary function of the Human Resources

Audit: In 2022, OPERS conducted an audit of the city’s policies, payroll records and employee contributions as they relate to earnable salary. OPERS found the city compliant in all areas of the audit. Certification: In 2022, the Human Resources Administrator earned the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Certified Professional certification. Labcorp: Human Resources recently launched a new partnership with Labcorp to significantly reduce costs associated with pre-employment drug testing and random testing for CDL drivers, as regulated by the Department of Transportation. Technology Upgrades: In late 2022, Human Resources acquired new electronic employee onboarding software to reduce paper and streamline the hiring process for new hires and re-hired seasonal employees.

Department (HR) is to support the city’s employees and leaders by providing the resources necessary to enjoy a long-lasting, successful career and promote the well-being of each of the city’s departments. Human Resources oversees the recruitment, selection and acquisition of incoming talent. Human Resources is responsible for welcoming new employees, conducting new hire orientation and assisting with the completion of onboarding paperwork. The department is keenly focused on the satisfaction and retention of employees; this includes regulating performance management and assisting in conflict resolution. • HR is the point of contact for all workers’ compensation claims, family and medical leaves, COBRA administration and unemployment claims • HR serves as the benefit administrator for health insurance benefits, life insurance and the employee assistance program for over 200 employees • HR establishes and modifies city policies and procedures, oversees the updating of job descriptions, regrading of positions and salary adjustments • HR assists the Finance and Audit Departments with the accurate and timely processing of payroll for up to 400 employees, employee tax documents such as W-2s are also produced by Human Resources • HR complies with all reporting required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, State Employment Relations Board, Affordable Care Act, the IRS, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics • HR is consulted by employees, department directors and union reps for the purpose of interpreting language within the six labor contracts, unions listed below:

Building - 5 Members Dispatch - 15 Members Fire - 45 Members

Police Blue - 30 Members Police Gold - 12 Members Public Works - 43 Members

Community Services also consists of an additional 94 seasonal hires.

State of the City



Craig Kaufman, IT Manager

Police & Fire Upgrades: Mobile printers were added to police vehicles for printing tickets. Preemptions were installed for both police and fire which change the traffic lights from red to green when an emergency vehicle is approaching to clear traffic. Internet Upgrade: The city’s internet circuit was upgraded. It increased speeds from 500 MB to 1 GB and also came with a lower price for cost savings. City Hall: Technology in conference rooms were upgraded to allow for more productive and efficient meetings. Digital Document Solution: Laserfiche was implemented as a digital document imaging system. Building Department uses it for storage and plan review, Law Department uses it in the contract process, Community Services implemented it within camp registration and council books from previous years have been stored.



L. Stewart Hastings, Law Director

Public Records: Response time was cut in half from 2021 to 2022 despite an increase in requests. In 2021, the department received 950 public records requests with an average completion time of 3.42 days. In 2022, they received 1,051 requests with an average completion of 1.74 days. Included in those 1,051 requests were requests for approximately 4,700 minutes of video footage. This footage required over 300 hours of processing time. The footage was reviewed and released in accordance with Ohio Public Records Laws while still maintaining an appropriate response time. Technology Upgrade: Laserfiche was introduced to automate the City of Beachwood’s contract administration process. Signatures and contract return is completely electronic and cuts down on the average contract execution time.

City of Beachwood

POLICE DEPARTMENT Katherine McLaughlin, Police Chief New Field Office: A Beachwood Police Department field office was installed in a very

Equipment & Vehicles: The fleet was updated with 8 Ford Explorers. Traffic signal preemption devices for all police and fire vehicles were purchased. All rifles were upgraded to Daniel Defense models. Two metal detectors and three portable wands were secured for use in City Hall and the Mayor’s Court. Training: Beachwood Police Department obtained A.L.E.R.T. training from the FBI for the patrol division. Patrol Sergeant supervisors are being sent to a Supervisor Training and Education Program (S.T.E.P) and our 3 newest Patrol Sergeants are being sent to PRADCO to participate in a Sergeant Coaching Program designed to coach new leaders within our organization. All Beachwood officers competed CPT training for 2022. Grants: Two grants were procured totaling $588,000. City Hall Safety: A visitor management system was purchased for City Hall and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023. To enhance security measures, visitors will need to scan a form of identification to enter. Traffic: Additional traffic cameras were added at Fairmount Boulevard, Richmond Road, Park East Drive and Chagrin Boulevard. Additional speed awareness signs were also purchased and installed.

visible location in Beachwood Place, on the second floor, adjacent to the food court. This is part of a community outreach program initiated by the Police Chief with the goal of bringing officers and the community together. It also helps maintain public safety and confidence. LPRs: The city’s license plate reader program was launched with 31 fixed cameras and 4 mobile units. Mobile LPRs will be placed strategically throughout the city depending on current issues and/or crime trends. License plate readers are electronic devices with high-speed cameras that capture the visible license plates of passing vehicles. That information is recorded as to its location, date and time. If the information matches that of a vehicle recorded in a “hot list,” it will alert law enforcement. That information can be used to stop crimes in progress, locate missing and/or endangered persons, as well as provide investigative leads for crimes that have already occurred. Employee Gym: Department staff worked with the Beachwood 100 to replace gym equipment and cardio rooms. The total cost of the project was $56,834 with $20,000 of cost covered by the generous support of the Beachwood 100. Department Structure: Beachwood Police Department restructured and promoted three new Sergeants in November.

The BPD Field Office inside Beachwood Place.

National Night Out in August. Photography by Discovery Photo. State of the City

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Chris Arrietta, Public Works Director

Storm & Sanitary Sewer Projects: The city completed the Community and Union Storm and Sanitary Replacement and the Beachwood Boulevard Storm Sewer Relief Projects. Phase 1 of the Bryden and Green Storm Sewer Project was started. The department acquired $1,400,000 in MCIP funding through the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District for the 2023 Timberlane Sanitary Relief Sewer Project. Sidewalks: The following streets received sidewalk replacements:

• Shaker Boulevard (Richmond westbound to Sulgrave) • Brian • Bridgeton • Cardington • Deptford • Maidstone

• Margot • Meadoway • Orchard • Penshurst • Twickenham • Tunbridge • Sittingbourne

Streets: The following streets were resurfaced:

• Science Park • Enterprise • Central Parkway • Willow

• Letchworth

(Richmond to Bryden)

• Woodside

(Sulgrave to the cul-de-sac)

2022 Year End Totals:

• Tons of Rubbish Picked Up: 3,360.02 • Total Tons of Recycling Materials Generated: 19,172.10 (Includes construction materials) • Tons of Leaves Collected for Recycling: 1,740 • Tons of Brush Collected for Recycling: 609.6 • Tons of Computers Collected for Recycling: 8.67 • Tons of Tires Collected for Recycling: 3.97 • Tons of Household Hazardous Waste Collected for Recycling: 1.3 • Dead Animals Picked Up: 214

• Special Rubbish Pickups: 3,160 • Special Recycle Pickups: 519 • Resident Requests Completed: 7,408 • Signs Repaired or Replaced: 316

• Catch Basins Cleaned: 394 • Catch Basins Repaired: 10 • Sewer Action Orders Responded To & Completed: 350 • Tons of Cold Patch Used: 19.85

• Tons of Asphalt Used: 14.95 • Sewer Laterals Televised: 143 • Tons of Concrete Poured & Finished: 513 • Trees Planted: 116 • Total Tree Work Completed: 448

• Tree Lawns Repaired: 88 • Appliances Picked Up: 70 • Skunks Caught: 19

City of Beachwood


As legislators, Beachwood City Council’s main responsibilities are to enact laws and authorize expenditures of public funds. Our entire agenda packet is posted online well in advance of our meetings which are open to the public and livestreamed on the city’s website. We invite you to attend and engage with your city government.

Council President Alec Isaacson

A t the beginning of 2022, Council worked to fill the vacant council seat created when Councilmember Justin Berns took office as the Mayor. We received more than 15 applications and interviewed every applicant, before unanimously choosing Danielle Shoykhet as our newest member. Council also appointed Indy Dhillon to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Mr. Dhillon is an electrical engineer and project manager who has lived in Beachwood for 21 years. As part of our financial oversight duties, Council and the administration worked to create and approve several economic development projects, including a job creation incentive grant which brings new jobs in the bio-sciences, and several tax incentives to jump-start potential redevelopment in Commerce Park and along Park East. We also reviewed and approved the city’s 2023 audit plan to ensure that your tax dollars are being spent as intended. We worked with the administration to improve public safety by approving the purchase of; automated license plate readers to assist law enforcement, a traffic light preemption system to further improve our emergency service’s response time, along with the development of a management program to reduce the impact of deer in our city.

In an effort to help reduce flooding in our residential neighborhoods, Council approved the budgets for storm sewer projects at Bryden and Green, Glenhill Road, and along Beachwood Boulevard. In response to concerns caused by short-term rentals, Council changed the law to require that short-term rentals be licensed, inspected, and owners held accountable for the activities of their tenants. We also passed a stricter noise ordinance to address residential concerns. Several recreation and infrastructure projects were moved forward, including a recreation expansion project which will add pickleball and volleyball courts and provide a permanent home for our community gardens. We also started work with the administration to ensure that we replace the basketball courts that were located close to City Hall. Finally, we undertook our most important task, reviewing and approving the city’s 2023 annual budget. The budget we passed is forecast to run a $2.5 million surplus. Beyond our standard operating expenses, we ensured that the budget included funds to start the Bryden Road improvement project, funds to repair roads that are at the end of their life, and funds to ensure our city’s buildings and other facilities are well maintained and last for their intended lifetime.

Council V.P. Eric Synenberg

Mike Burkons

Barbara Bellin Janovitz

Joshua Mintz

Danielle Shoykhet


Typically, meetings are the first and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. See the calendar online at

June Taylor

LOOKING AHEAD 2023 Since Mayor Justin Berns assumed the leadership role in Beachwood in January 2022, he has been delivering on his vision for improvements and progress throughout the city. With the support of City Council and the hard work of our department directors and employees, the city has provided additional programs, service and amenities which have been outlined in the preceding pages. Looking forward, we are excited to announce and promote the following projects and initiatives that are underway or will be competed in 2023. COMMUNICATIONS • Upgrades to our website are underway and will make it more user-friendly and interactive BUSINESS • The city is exploring options for a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) which will enable regular updates for business contacts to use for business retention and expansion initiatives • As part of the website, and in an effort to promote and support local and minority-owned businesses, we will be creating a purchasing page and a business database, which will serve as a resource for the city and the community when shopping for goods and services INFRASTRUCTURE & FACILITIES IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS Recreation

• The Recreational Improvement Project is well underway featuring the creation of dedicated pickleball courts, volleyball courts and a permanent location for our community gardens • Plans are underway for the installation of a new basketball court west of the Aquatic Facility parking lot • The lower paths at City Park West will be resurfaced and replaced. • In response to resident feedback, we are working to finalize plans for a new state-of-the art playground which will include innovative and adaptive equipment with art and musical elements • The city applied for and received a grant from the County which will be used to help fund this project • At City Park East, plans are underway for a new pavilion and comfort station which will service the Fitness Park and Barkwood Roads/Sewers • Our 2023 Road Maintenance program will include the resurfacing of several streets • As a continuation of our Sanitary Sewer Relief Project, we will begin Phase 1 of the Timberlane and Green Road project Safety Enhancement/Improvements • In addition to the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) housed at the Beachwood Family Aquatic Center, these lifesaving devices

Conceptual playground rendering. Not yet finalized.

will be installed at the new pavilion near our Fitness Park and Barkwood, at the existing park pavilion adjacent to the sledding hill, and the new pickleball/community garden complex, and adjacent to the playground on Fairmount • There are plans to install new streetlights on existing poles on our main thoroughfares (Green Rd. and Fairmount Blvd.), we will bring an estimate of costs and a plan for implementation to City Council regarding the installation of streetlights throughout the community • We will continue with our sidewalk replacement program at no cost to our residents and will discuss with City Council the installation of sidewalks where they do not exist to formulate a plan for moving forward Municipal Facility Improvements • The city received a grant for the installation of a new Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging station near the aquatic center and are applying for another grant to install additional units at the new community garden/pickleball complex • We are working with a professional to create a plan for a municipal signage package that will help define our public places and enhance public experience, which will include an electronic messaging board Conceptual City Park East pavilion. Not yet finalized.


Audit Department 216.595.3712 Building Department 216.292.1914 Clerk of Council 216.595.5493 Community Services 216.292.1970

Economic Development 216.292.1915 Finance Department 216.292.1913 Fire & Rescue 216.292.1965 Law Department 216.595.5462

Mayor’s Office 216.292.1901 Police Department

216.464.2343 Public Works 216.292.1922 Emergency Dial 9-1-1 or 216.464.1234

FEBRUARY 26 - February Freeze & Fireworks MAY 1 - Mahjong Tournament MAY 7 - Fire Dept. Open House at the Public Safety Center

MAY 10 - Hometown Heroes Ceremony MAY 12 - Free Community Shred Day

JUNE/JULY - Beachwood Beats Concert Series JUNE 25 - Outdoor Movie Night, Hotel Transylvania JUNE 25 - Barkwood Brunch JULY 13 - Family Aquatic Center Disco Night JULY 23 - Outdoor Movie Night, DC League of Super Pets AUGUST 1 - National Night Out AUGUST 20 - Outdoor Movie Night, Super Mario Bros. SEPTEMBER 7 - Family Aquatic Center Dog Swim SEPTEMBER 10 - Free Community Shred Day SEPTEMBER 10 - Honkin’ Haulin’ Truck Parade OCTOBER 21 - Fall Festival Kickoff Concert OCTOBER 22 - 6th Annual Fall Festival NOVEMBER 12 - Veterans Day Ceremony

25325 Fairmount Boulevard - 216.464.1070 -

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