Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Change slide backgrounds

To remove the slide background graphic applied by a theme 1. Display the Format Background pane. 2. In the Format Background pane, select the Hide background graphics check box.


To apply a solid background color to one or more slides 1. In the Format Background pane, click Solid fill . 2. Click the Color button to display the color palette.

The color palette displays theme colors, standard colors, and recently used colors

SEE ALSO  For information about the colors you can use, see the sidebar “Non-theme colors” later in this topic.

3. Click a theme color variant, a solid color, or a recent color, or click More Colors and select a custom color. 4. Move the Transparency slider to adjust the background color transparency, or set a specific transparency percentage.

SEE ALSO  For information about printing slides without background colors and images, see “Print presentations and handouts” in Chapter 9, “Review presentations.”


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