Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 3: Create and manage slides

To apply a gradient background color to one or more slides 1. In the Format Background pane, click Gradient fill . 2. Click the Preset gradients button, and then click a gradient option based on the current color palette.

Preset color gradients offer linear and radial variants of the theme accent color

Or 1. In the Type list, click Linear , Radial , Rectangular , Path , or Shade from title . 2. In the Direction list, click the direction you want the gradient to flow. 3. If you chose the Linear type, you can specify the angle you want the gradient to move along. Enter the angle in the Angle box. 4. If you want to add gradient stops, do either of the following in the Gradient Stops area: ● ● Click the Add gradient stop button, and then reposition the marker that appears on the slider. ● ● Click the slider in the approximate location where you want to insert the gradient stop.


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