Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Change slide backgrounds


You can precisely control a color by adjusting the transparency and brightness

5. If you want to remove gradient stops, do either of the following in the Gradient Stops area: ● ● On the slider, click the marker for the gradient stop you want to remove. Then click the Remove gradient stop button. ● ● Drag the gradient stop marker off of the slider. 6. In the Gradient stops area, set the color, position, transparency, and brightness for each color in the gradient. Note the following: ● ● You can select a color swatch or match an existing color by using the eye- dropper tool to select a color. ● ● You can change the transparency and brightness by moving the markers on the sliders, by entering specific percentages, or by scrolling the dials.

To apply a textured background to one or more slides 1. In the Format Background pane, click Picture or texture fill .

2. Click the Texture button to display the texture gallery. You can select from a variety of textures, including fabric, marble, granite, wood grain, and Formica- like textures in various colors. 3. In the texture gallery, click the texture you want to apply. 4. Move the Transparency slider to adjust the background color transparency, or set a specific transparency percentage.


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