Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 3: Create and manage slides

To apply a patterned background to one or more slides 1. In the Format Background pane, click Pattern fill . 2. In the Pattern palette, click one of the 48 pattern swatches.

3. Click the Foreground button, and then select the primary pattern color. 4. Click the Background button, and then select the secondary pattern color.

TIP  If you want to add a watermark, such as the word Draft or Confidential , to the background of your slides, you need to add the text to the background of the slide master. For information about slide masters, see “Customize slide masters and layouts” in Chapter 12, “Create custom presentation elements.”

Skills review In this chapter, you learned how to:

Add and remove slides

■ ■

Divide presentations into sections

■ ■

Rearrange slides and sections

■ ■

Apply themes

■ ■

Change slide backgrounds

■ ■


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