Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Practice tasks

Practice tasks The practice files for these tasks are located in the PowerPoint2016SBS\ Ch03 folder. You can save the results of the tasks in the same folder.

Add and remove slides Open the AddRemoveSlides presentation in PowerPoint, and then perform the following tasks: 1. Add two slides after the title slide. First, add a slide that has the default Title and Content layout. Then add a slide that has the Two Content layout. 2. Add 7 more slides, so you have a total of 10 slides. Use each slide layout at least once. 3. In Normal view, delete slide 3 . 4. Switch to Slide Sorter view, and then delete slides 5 through 8 . The presentation now contains five slides. 5. Add seven slides to the end of the presentation by inserting the content of the ImportOutline document. 6. Use the Reuse Slides feature to insert the first slide from the ReuseSlides presentation as slide 2 in the AddRemoveSlides presentation. Then close the Reuse Slides pane. 7. Insert a duplicate copy of slide 2 as slide 3 . 8. Hide slide 2 , and then delete slide 8 . 9. Save and close the presentation.


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