Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides

To add a sound effect to an animation 1. In the Animation Pane , double-click the animation to open the animation- specific effect options dialog box. 2. On the Effect tab, click the Sound list, and then click the sound effect you want to assign to the animation. 3. Click the speaker icon to the right of the Sound list to display the volume slider, and set the volume level of the sound effect. 4. Click OK to close the dialog box. Bookmark points of interest in media clips Bookmarks are a useful new feature for PowerPoint users who incorporate audio, video, and animation into presentations. You can insert bookmarks into audio and video clips to identify locations either that you want to be able to quickly get to or that you want to use as triggers for other events. For example, you could create an animation that visually describes a process, and record a narration that verbally describes the process. Instead of setting up a series of timing points to synchronize the narration and animation, you could insert bookmarks at key points in the narrative audio clip that trigger specific segments of the animation to play. As another example, you could embed a video on a slide, and record audio comments about certain parts of the video. Then you can insert bookmarks at those points of the video to trigger the playback of the relevant audio comments. When you insert bookmarks in audio and video clips within PowerPoint, those bookmarks exist only in PowerPoint and don’t affect the original recording.


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