Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Customize animation effects

To insert a bookmark in an audio or video clip, follow these steps: 1. Display the slide in Normal view and select the audio or video clip to display the Audio Tools or Video Tools tab group. 2. Play the clip by clicking the Play button on the playback toolbar or in the Preview group on the Playback tool tab. 3. At the point that you want to insert a bookmark, click the Add Bookmark button in the Bookmarks group on the Playback  tool tab. 4. To insert additional bookmarks, repeat steps 2 and 3. Bookmarks in audio or video clips are indicated by circles on the playback toolbar. Pointing to a bookmark on the toolbar displays a ScreenTip that includes the bookmark name. You can select a bookmark as the starting point for an animation, from the Trigger list on the Animations tab.


Adding a bookmark to a media clip makes it available as a trigger

If you create a bookmark but then don’t need it, you can remove it by select- ing it and then clicking the Remove Bookmark button in the Bookmarks group on the Playback tool tab.


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