Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides

Add audio content to slides You can enhance presentations by adding sound to slide transitions, to animated content, to an individual slide, or to the presentation as a whole. For example, you could run a presentation that provides basic information and icebreakers during the time leading up to your actual presentation. You can add a pleasant royalty-free soundtrack that loops while the presentation plays, to avoid the discomfort of a room full of people who don’t want to break the silence. If you plan to distribute a presentation electronically for people to watch on their own, you might want to add audio narration to an animation, or provide narration for the entire presentation. SEE ALSO  For information about adding sound effects to animations, see “Customize animation effects” earlier in this chapter; and to slide transitions, see “Add and manage slide transitions” later in this chapter. You can add prerecorded audio content to a presentation, or record your own content directly within PowerPoint. PowerPoint supports the most common audio formats— MP3, MP4, Windows audio (.wav) and Windows Media audio (.wma), and more special- ized formats such as ADTS, AU, FLAC, MIDI, and MKA audio. TIP  The Insert Online Audio feature that was present in earlier versions of PowerPoint is not available in PowerPoint 2016. However, you can download royalty-free audio music and sound effects from many online sources. Some of these require that you credit the website as the source, so be sure to read the website fine print. When you locate an audio clip that you want to use, you can download it to your computer and follow the instructions in this topic to use it in a PowerPoint presentation. When you add audio to a slide (rather than to an animation or transition), the audio icon (shaped like a speaker) and an accompanying trigger icon appear on the slide, and the trigger event appears in the Animation Pane.


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