Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Add audio content to slides

The Record Sound dialog box

3. Speak or otherwise provide the audio that you want to record. When you finish, click the Stop button (labeled with a blue square). The audio icon and an accompanying trigger icon appear in the center of the slide, and the trigger event appears in the Animation Pane.

TIP  If you record multiple clips, the audio icons stack up in the same location on the slide. It might be necessary to move one or more out of the way to get to an earlier clip.


To restrict the playback of an audio clip to a specific segment 1. Select the audio icon. On the Playback tool tab, in the Editing group, click the Trim Audio button to open the Trim Audio dialog box.

You can trim audio from the beginning and end of the clip, but not from the middle 2. In the Trim Audio dialog box, do any of the following: ● ● Click the Play button to play the clip, and then click the Pause button to pause when you locate a point that you want to mark. ● ● Drag the green Start marker to specify a playback starting point other than the beginning of the clip. (If you drag the marker near the point at which you paused the playback, the marker snaps to that location.)


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