Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides

To loop (repeat) an audio clip 1. On the Playback tool tab, in the Audio Options group, select the Loop until Stopped check box. TIP  To automatically start and continuously play an audio clip through an entire slide show, configure the settings as follows: On the Playback tool tab, in the Audio Options group, change the Start setting to Automatically. Then select the Play Across Slides, Loop Until Stopped, and Hide During Show check boxes. Add video content to slides Sometimes the best way to ensure that your audience understands your message is to show a video. For example, if your company has developed a short advertising video, it makes more sense to include the video in a presentation about marketing plans than to try to describe it by using bullet points or even pictures. To save you the trouble of switching between PowerPoint and a video player, you can embed a video recording directly onto a slide, and then play the video as part of presenting the slide show. This is a much smoother way of presenting information from multiple sources than switching between them. You can insert a video onto a slide from your computer or a connected local storage device, from your Facebook account, from YouTube, or from a website that provides an “embed code” (basically, an address that you can link to). TIP  If a publicly posted video clip has an “embed code” available, you can link to the online video rather than embedding it in the slide show. PowerPoint uses the embed code to locate and play the video. As long as the video remains available in its original location (and you have an active Internet connection), you will be able to access and play the video from the slide at any time.


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