Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Add audio content to slides

To manually start audio playback 1. Do any of the following:

● ● In Normal view, Reading view, or Slide Show view, point to the audio icon. When the playback controls appear, click the Play button. ● ● In Normal view, click the audio icon, and then click the Play button on the playback toolbar or in the Preview group on the Playback tool tab.

● ● In Slide Show view, after the audio icon has had focus, press Alt+P .

TIP  To play sounds and other audio content, you must have a sound card and speakers installed.

To automatically start audio playback 1. On the Playback tool tab, in the Audio Options group, in the Start list, click Automatically . Then select the Loop until Stopped check box. TIP  If your presentation might be viewed by people using assistive technologies such as screen readers or text-to-speech tools, you should avoid starting audio clips or files automatically. Instead, allow the user to play the audio content after the tool has finished communicating the slide content.


To prevent an audio clip from stopping when the slide changes 1. On the Playback tool tab, do either of the following:

● ● To play to the end of the audio and then stop, in the Audio Options group, select the Play Across Slides check box. ● ● To loop the audio until the end of the slide show regardless of other audio tracks, in the Audio Styles group, click the Play in Background button.


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