Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Add and manage slide transitions

4. In the Compress Media window, click the Close button. In the Media Size And Performance area of the Info page, the Compress Media button is active to indicate that media has been compressed, and specifics about the compression are available.

You can undo the compression if you don’t like the results

5. Play the presentation to assess the quality, and then save the file if the quality is acceptable. To reverse the compression of media files 1. On the Info page, click the Compress Media button, and then click Undo . PowerPoint immediately reverts to the uncompressed files. Add and manage slide transitions When you deliver a presentation, you can manually specify when to display the next slide, or you can have PowerPoint move automatically to the next slide after a specific amount of time. Rather than simply replacing one slide with the next, you can use transitions to control the way each slide appears on the screen. PowerPoint 2016 has 48 basic transition effects divided into three categories: Subtle, Exciting, and Dynamic Content. Many of these have multiple options, such as the direction or specific form of the content in the effect.



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