Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides

PowerPoint has a wide variety of slide transition effects

As with animations, take care when using transitions to not overdo it. That being said, transitions can be a useful way of visually drawing the audience’s attention to the display of a new slide. The effects in the Subtle category are designed to make the incoming slide content available to the audience members with the least amount of movement. Here are some ideas about other ways to use transitions: ■ ■ In a multisection presentation, use one transition on all the slides, and then use a different transition at the beginning of each new section of the presentation to signal a change in topic. ■ ■ Use a more dramatic slide transition to get the audience’s attention at a specific point in a presentation. You apply and manage transition effects by using the commands on the Transitions tab of the ribbon. The basic transition effects are available from the Transition To This Slide gallery. If you apply a transition that has additional options, the Effect Options


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