Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Add and manage slide transitions

button becomes active and you can choose an option from the list. You can specify the duration of the transition effect, or add a sound effect if you want to.

Options are available for many transition effects


TIP  You can add a sound effect even when the Transition is set to None. If you do, the sound effect plays during the normal slide replacement.

You can apply a transition effect or configure effect options for one slide at a time, for a group of slides, or for an entire presentation by first selecting the slide or slides you want to work with. (You can also apply and configure a transition effect on one slide and then apply that effect to all slides.) When you apply a transition effect or select an effect option, PowerPoint immediately demonstrates it. As mentioned in “Animate text and pictures on slides” earlier in this chapter, PowerPoint displays a star next to the slide thumbnail to indicate that a slide has an animation or transition. (There is no indication on the slide itself.) In the Thumbnails pane or in Slide Sorter view, you can click the star to preview the animated slide elements beginning with the transition. Every transition effect has a default duration of between 0.1 seconds and 6 seconds based on the complexity of the effect; most are from 1 to 2 seconds. You can change the duration of an effect so that the animation completes in less or more time. The duration is specified in seconds and can be from a minimum of .01 seconds to a maxi- mum of 59 seconds.


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