Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step


PowerPoint 2016 basics

In this chapter ■■ Start PowerPoint ■■ Work in the PowerPoint user interface ■■ Manage Office and app settings

You can use PowerPoint 2016 to develop professional presentations for electronic delivery as on-screen slide shows, or for print delivery as slide decks with handouts and note pages. You can also use PowerPoint to quite easily lay out complex single-page presentations for production as flyers, posters, or postcards, or for delivery as electronic files, such as pictures. PowerPoint presentations can be an effective way of providing information in small segments. Individual slides can include bullet points, pictures, charts, tables, and business diagrams. Professionally designed themes visu- ally enhance your message and provide a professional, coordinated appearance. The elements that control the appearance of PowerPoint and the way you interact with it while you create presen- tations are collectively referred to as the user interface . Some user interface elements, such as the color scheme, are cosmetic. Others, such as toolbars, menus, and but- tons, are functional. The default PowerPoint configuration and functionality is based on the way that most people work with the app. You can modify cosmetic and func- tional user interface elements to suit your preferences and working style. This chapter guides you through procedures related to starting PowerPoint, working in the PowerPoint user interface, and managing Office and app settings.

Practice files No practice files are necessary to complete the practice tasks in this chapter.


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