Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics

Start PowerPoint The way that you start PowerPoint 2016 is dependent on the operating system you’re running on your computer. For example: ■ ■ In Windows 10, you can start PowerPoint from the Start menu, the All Apps menu, the Start screen, or the taskbar search box. ■ ■ In Windows 8, you can start PowerPoint from the Apps screen or Start screen search results. ■ ■ In Windows 7, you can start PowerPoint from the Start menu, All Programs menu, or Start menu search results. You might also have a shortcut to PowerPoint on your desktop or on the Windows taskbar. When you start PowerPoint without opening a specific presentation, the PowerPoint Start screen appears. The Start screen is a hybrid of the Open and New pages of the Backstage view. It displays links to recent files in the left pane, and new file templates in the right pane.

TIP  You can turn off the appearance of the Start screen if you want to go directly to a new, blank presentation. For information, see “Change default PowerPoint options” in Chapter 11, “Work in PowerPoint more efficiently.”

To start PowerPoint by opening a presentation 1. Do either of the following:

● ● In File Explorer, double-click the presentation.

TIP  File Explorer is the current version of the browsing utility that was formerly known as Windows Explorer. If you’re working on a Windows 7 computer, use Windows Explorer whenever this book refers to File Explorer.

● ● In Microsoft Outlook, double-click a presentation that is attached to an email message.

TIP  By default, PowerPoint opens presentations from online sources in protected mode.


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