Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics

Identify app window elements The PowerPoint app window contains the elements described in this section. Com- mands for tasks you perform often are readily available, and even those you might use infrequently are easy to find. Title bar At the top of the app window, this bar displays the name of the active file, identifies the app, and provides tools for managing the app window, ribbon, and content.

The title bar elements are always on the left end, in the center, and on the right end of the title bar

The Quick Access Toolbar at the left end of the title bar can be customized to include any commands that you want to have easily available. The default Quick Access Tool- bar in the PowerPoint app window displays the Save, Undo, Redo/Repeat, and Start From Beginning buttons. On a touchscreen device, the default Quick Access Toolbar also includes the Touch/Mouse Mode button.

SEE ALSO  For information about Touch mode, see “Work with the ribbon and status bar” later in this topic.

You can change the location of the Quick Access Toolbar and customize it to include any command to which you want to have easy access.

TIP  You might find that you work more efficiently if you organize the commands you use frequently on the Quick Access Toolbar and then display it below the ribbon, directly above the workspace. For information, see “Customize the Quick Access Toolbar” in Chapter 11, “Work in PowerPoint more efficiently.”

Four buttons at the right end of the title bar serve the same functions in all Office apps. You control the display of the ribbon by clicking commands on the Ribbon


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